He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/28/16

Prof:  It’s Wednesday! One day closer to the weekend. Let’s get the day started with a funky bass groove.

Scouts: Holy criminy there were a lot of runs scored last night!  There was just one game with a total of 4 runs scored, and two with a total of 5, yet 4 teams scored in the double digits!  I sadly will be catching up on my team’s offensive explosion via replay this morning as when I went to bed the game was just 1-1.  I wake up to find that 16 runs were scored in my slumber.  Not a good day to be a starting pitcher.  Today promises to be better as a number of aces are taking the bump including Price, Keuchel, Scherzer, Tanaka, and Salazar.

Red Sox 8, Rays 2Chris Archer is now 4-11 with a 4.76 ERA and 1.45 WHIP.

Marlins 5, Tigers 7Both the big names, Stanton and Cabrera homered in the game.  Fans left happy.

Indians 5, Braves 3Prof:  Corey Kluber goes five shutout innings before Erick Aybar gets a hit. Ender Inciarte finally puts Atlanta on the board. Jason Kipnis continues to be solid for the team from the Magical Land of Cleve.

Athletics 13, Giants 11Just one of several high scoring games today, there was no pitching to be found.  30 combined hits in the ball game.

Orioles 11, Padres 7Ubaldo has won his last two games.  Both were against the Padres.  Ren will be very happy today.  Kim hit his second home run.  Davis hit number 19 and has been sizzling hot the last month. Both teams hit lead-off homeruns.


Twins 4, White Sox 0 –  Prof:  Brian Dozier catches fire, hitting two home runs in a rout of Chicago.

Pirates 2, Mariners 5Seattle hopes to be getting back on the winning track.  Pittsburgh still can’t beat a winning team.  Nelson Cruz hit number 20.

Astros 7, Angels 1Lincecum drops his second in a row as his ERA rises to 6.75

Cubs 7, Reds 2 – F/15 – Prof:  The Chicago Cubs know how to entertain. First, they give us free baseball for five innings, and then end it with a grand slam in the 15th!


Dodgers 6, Brewers 5 The 19 year old rookie not only got his first big league victory, but also got his first big league hit and RBI.

Mets 0, Nationals 5A relatively low scoring affair compared to the rest of the day’s action.  Harper hit a 2 run home-run and Harvey picks up loss number 10.  It may officially be time for Met fans to panic.

Rangers 7, Yankees 1Prof:  Cole Hamels blows into New York like a hot Texas wind, bringing Texas their fourth straight win and his ninth win of the season.

Blue Jays 14, Rockies 9A hailstorm couldn’t stop Tulo from hitting a homerun in his return to Colorado.  Toronto scored in innings 3-9. 


Cardinals 8, Royals 4Yordano Ventura managed not to commit assault in his first game back from suspension despite giving up a ton of runs.

Phillies 4, Diamondbacks 3Prof:  Zack Greinke left the game in the second inning with tightness in his left oblique. That’s pretty much the only noteworthy thing about a Phillies/D’Backs game, let’s be honest.

20 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/28/16

  1. They say the rain falls on the just and the unjust, and so it was last night in DC. Game was delayed an hour at the start, and then we got to see Lucas Giolito make his debut against the Mets and Matt Harvey. Both pitchers were pitching well, but the rains returned in the bottom of the 4th, with the Nats up 1-0, and we had another 90 minute rain delay, after which neither starting pitcher returned, so yeah, Harvey got the loss, but it’s not like he really had a chance to hang around long enough to get a win.

    Weird moment after the rain delay – As I said, the Nats were up 1-0, and had two runners on with two outs when play resumed. The Mets sent right-hander Erik (Don’t Call Me Eddie) Goeddel to the mound to face Danny Espinosa, and Goeddel walked him. Left handed hitter Clint Robinson came up next to pinch hit for Giolito, and Terry Collins went match up (in the 4th??) and brought in lefty Jerry Blevins to pitch to Robinson. Not something you see every day, but Blevins got Robinson to end the inning. (Blevins also gave up Harper’s home run the next inning, so…)

    So, Giolito’s debut was abbreviated, but he looked good in his limited time, so the Nats can probably take their time with Strasburg, and then put Gio Gonzalez on the DL with his badly strained confidence when Strasburg returns. Meanwhile, the Mets do look a mess, with Syndergaard and Matz dealing with bone chips (although Thor denies it), and Harvey not the same guy he was last year. I hope they get things figured out and get healthy, because I do want to see how the Nats fare against the best the Mets have to offer, so neither fan base can say, “Yeah, but injuries…”

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  2. There’s an old joke – Ren, it might not have disseminated to our former protectorates yet, so you might not have heard it – that goes like this:

    Q: When a bug hits your windshield, what’s the last thing that goes through his mind?
    A: His asshole.

    Feesh lefty Adam Conley’s asshole went through his mind last night after 4-1/3 sterling innings in which he recorded nine strikeouts after several walks and five straight hits culminated in Miggelito’s three run bomb and put the Feesh in a 5-3 hole, which rapidly became a 7-3 hole after Nick Wittgren barfed up a hit and another dinger to Castellanos. We are Tigger. Hear us roar.

    The Iron Giant continues to stir, crushing a two run bomb of his own and an RBI single, scalding three hits on the night and raising his average to .228 from the .176 it had bottomed into a mere week and a half ago. Yet overall, though the Feesh swatted sixteen hits, all they had to show for it was five runs. Futility, thy name is RISP: the Rainbow Warriors went 3-12 with runners poised to make a deeference.

    Trump supporters: great news! Ichiro smacked a pair of hits last night, giving him 2,986 for the season. You can now leave one of your socks on and still have enough fingers and toes at your disposal to calculate how many terror…heh, sorry, how many hits he needs to reach 3000. Best of luck with your cipherin’.

    Having said that, I’m orf to the airport and Germany, where a big platter of homemade schnitzel, potato salad, spaetzel and red cabbage awaits at a colleague’s home in Frankfurt. He’s an American who married an actual German gal so this will be the real stuff! If the wi-fi works in my hotels, I’ll try to check in from time to time with the previous evening’s menu and some comments on noteworthy transpirations in my absence.

    Can the Eech log that 3000th hit before I get home? Please let it not be so. I wanna be there.

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  3. Before the game the Beautiful Brad announced that former Feesh Anibal Sanchez would return to the bullpen after a 1 start comeback against the Cleveland Native Americans didn’t work out too well. Mike Pelfrey celebrated staying in the rotation over Sanchez by scattering 12 hits over 5 innings. Nice of the Feesh to not take advantage of the hospitality.

    The Tigers comeback was ignited by a 2 run dinger by noted power hitter Iglesias, which I’m sure excited one particular Tiger fan. Only after LSF played David by slaying the Goliath Conley did Miggy relax enough to join the HR parade.

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    • PS I hate listening to Jack Morris during games. He makes Gibby sound like a freaking homer…and an insightful one at that. Good grief. I miss Rod. Rod is fun, even if he says dumb stuff. Gibby is dull but only moderately offensive. Morris manages to be bland and unpalatable at the same time. I don’t know what purpose it serves to have you blather on about how you think Pelfrey is mentally weak. Whoa, did that make the game more enjoyable. Poor Mario. Calling games is challenging enough. Having to do it and make the old school guys seem less douchey is too much to ask of anyone. I thought Gibby teaching us to steal signs was bad, but dumping on the mental makeup of our own pitcher (who managed to get out of jams without great damage) during rough innings was a whole other level of yuck.

      PS I’d keep Pelfrey over Sanchez at this point too. But, Pelfrey isn’t safe yet. He has to survive the Return of Norris still.

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  4. Last night we saw glimpses of what Kyle Gibson can be and has been thought to be for the last several years. He shut down the White Sox in grand fashion last night recording 7 SO over 7 very strong innings, allowing only 5 scattered hits.
    Brian Dozier looked like BD from 2015 crushing HR’s to left field any time the pitcher made a mistake.
    Admittedly the Twins are catching the Sox at a time when they stink, but historically the Twins have been slump busters so it was nice to see them beat down a division rival.
    At least Molitor didn’t put Jepsen in the game as it surely could have spelled disaster. Kintzler looks like he’s got some good stuff and really took care of the Sox hitters in the 9th. Ryan Pressly and Kintzler combined for 1H 3SO over 2 shut out innings. This could be the future back end of the Twins bullpen.
    In a shitty season such as this any glimmer of hope is something to grab onto.

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    • If it makes you feel any better, Jack Morris made clear in his conversation during our game yesterday that he’s still bitter at losing to the Twins in 1987. Maybe he charmed y’all yesterday talking about your glory days.

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      • Man! I remember 87 like it was yesterday. I had sobered up that summer and was barricaded in my house building plastic models and watching baseball. That was an amazing run with a bunch of unassuming blue collar type guys. Oh how I long for that again!


        • Having grown up in Michigan I was still a Tiger fan in 87. I became a Twins fan during the fantastic fan reaction to the 87 team.

          The 87 Tigers had to win a down to the wire pennant race while the Twins got to coast for the final week or so even though they won a bunch fewer games than the Tigers, which was probably a factor in their series with the Twins. I can understand Morris being bitter about seeing their season ended by a Cinderella team, but I also remember him saying after the series that the fans in the dome screaming after every pitch was exhilarating. The fact that he got them screaming for him instead of against him in 91 must mean that he isn’t too bitter. Game seven in 91 has got to be up up and away the best day of his baseball life.

          As for this year, the weather isn’t bad right now and thank God my in laws are White Sox fans instead of Cub fans.

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