The Midnight Snack – Monday

In the newest song by Mumford & Sons, they collaborated with a singer from Senegal named Baaba Maal. He sings in English and a language called Pulaar. It’s incredibly beautiful. Here is what Baaba Maal sings to open the song.

Listen to me, I want to tell you something, the reason I love you is because you are the only one who has taught me to how to love and appreciate life.

You can have that feeling about a great many things. You can feel that way about God, about your child, your wife, your boyfriend, your favorite dog. I feel that way about baseball.

I think I am the only person here at the blog who openly identifies as a religious person. My feelings on religion are complicated; very private, very personal. However, there is one aspect of my deeply held views that remains true and solid and has never waivered – I never feel more at one with my creator and at peace than when I am watching baseball.

On my Facebook page, where you can put your religious affiliation, I put “baseball”. Some people might think that’s a joke, or me being trolly, but to be perfectly honest it’s the most honest thing I could write.

god gave us baseballThe reason I love you, baseball, is because you are the only one who has taught me how to love and appreciate life. And that is a fact. I have learned unconditional love, how to accept defeat, how to open my heart to the little things like the crack of the bat or the sound that the ball makes when it hits leather. Smell the wet earth. Feel a warm breeze when the wind catches you just so. It’s given me hope and a measure of faith. It’s given me bonds of friendship that has carried me through, maybe one day even more.

The unfettered joy I feel when I see a player hit his first home run, or when his children cheer him on before a game. When a guy pitches a no hitter and runs into the arms of his catcher. The smile on the face of a veteran when he walks onto the grass of a World Series diamond for the first time. These are little psalms, little miracles that I carry in my heart. We all do, in a way; this is why we love baseball even if you never thought about it before.

Roberto Clemente once said that baseball had been very good to him. I say that baseball is very good to us all. This game, it is not perfect, and never will be, but in its imperfections I find beauty. Let us all take the time to appreciate what baseball gives to us, and be thankful that such a beautiful game exists.

I’ll let Baaba Maal take us out.

To feel hurt and feel joy, feelings that come from loving you, situations can change between the morning and the night, but our love for each other stays the same. It stays strong, it is constant and it remains true.

12 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

    • That’s what Mitt Romney said about Paul Ryan when he announced Grackle Face would be his running mate. Find something else that Lincoln said, will you please?


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