He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/27/16

More of a “she said very little” as the fearless leader is out of commission this morning.

Mets 4, Nationals 11. Prof:  Noah Syndergaard looked less than sharp against division rival Washington, who had five stolen bases against the Mets ace. Ben Revere, who in the month of June has a .250 batting average, was able to maintain a whopping .800 tonight against New York.

Rangers 9, Yankees 6.

Phillies 8, D’Backs 0

Cubs 11, Reds 8. Prof:  If for some reason you doubt that Kris Bryant is nothing more than a pretty face, please reevaluate your beliefs. Today, Bryant hit three home runs, including one grand slam, plus two doubles. The first player in MLB history to do this in one game. And he’s only 24 years old.

Indians 8, Braves 3.

Blue Jays 5, Rockies 9

Cardinals 2, Royals 6. Prof:  The Battle of Missouri is always contentious, even more so now that the Royals are defending world champions. Scary moment in this game when Cards shortstop Aledmys Diaz caught a foul pitch with his forehead.

Astros 4, Angels 2

Athletics 8, Giants 3

Dodgers 5, Pirates 4

Red Sox 7, Rays 13. Prof:  Tampa Bay puts the brakes on their losing skid. Logan Forsythe (a proud alum of the University of Arkansas – WOO PIG SOOIE) goes 3-5 with one homer and 3 RBI.



4 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/27/16

  1. Cubs 11, Reds 8: I quoteth myself from yesterday: whoever the Cubs play next better watch out ’cause those guys are gonna be plenty peessed orf.” Remember?

    I guess I’m back to prognosticatin’ again.

    No Feesh game yesterday as the Rainbow Warriors traveled to Detroit on Scrooge McLoria’s chartered DC-3 with the Big Chief Sixpack logo below the cockpit window covered with masking tape. I think they must have landed by now.


  2. The Nats/Mets game had a sense of deja vu all over again at the beginning last night. Mets got one in top of the 1st, and the Nats then managed to load the bases with no outs in the bottom of the 1st on a single, a steal, and two walks. The next two hitters are Daniel Murphy, leading the NL in BA, and Wilson Ramos, who’s second, and they combined to produce a fielder’s choice (force at home) and a 5-4-3 DP, and I thought “Here we go again…”

    Things were looking even more bleak for our heroes after 2 1/2 innings; the Mets were by then up 4-0, had nine hits off Joe Ross, and Thor was on the mound for the Mets. However, five hits, four steals, a walk, and a wild pitch thrown in for good measure put the Nats up 5-4 after three. Ross held the Mets in check for another three innings, and the Nats piled on the runs and cruised home with the victory.

    Prior to the game, the Nats announced that Trea Turner, Shortstop and Likely Leadoff Man of the Future, would be playing Center Field at Syracuse just to increase his versatility. The Nats think his bat is MLB ready, but with Espinosa playing great defense and hitting HRs, and Daniel Murphy at 2B, there’s no place for Turner to play right now. I’m sure Ben Revere’s night – 4-5, 3 steals, 3 runs scored – was just a coincidence.

    As for Thor, I don’t think it bodes well for him if every single or walk is going to turn into a double – giving up five steals in three innings is no way to go through life, son.

    Bryce Harper had a few adventures last night. He singled off the wall in right in the 3rd; ball was hit very hard, and he may have posed a bit, but on the other hand, Granderson got it back to the infield so fast that Harper might’ve been out at 2B, anyway. He then proceeded to steal second, but then TOOTBLAN’d at third on a ground ball to the shortstop; it was all reminiscent of his old days of “Run till someone tags you” theory of baserunning. The Big Marine, I’m sure, would’ve benched him for his shenanigans, but Dusty let it slide. Harper later rolled his ankle a bit when he hit the bag awkwardly at first beating out an infield hit, and he left the game an inning later; wouldn’t surprise me if he’s not in the lineup tonight.

    Papelbon pitched an inning in a rehab assignment with the Nats’ single A team; I had to click on this link to make sure he wasn’t responsible for this –


    Lucas Giolito gets the start tonight against Matt Harvey, weather permitting. Should be fun…


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