He Said, She Said: Scores for 6/26/16

Prof:  Happy Monday, everyone! I have a good feeling about this week, feeling optimistic about the future. With that optimistic feeling comes a sense of happiness that I want to share with you. This song makes me super happy, and what better way to welcome Monday than with a smile?

Scouts: Happy Monday everyone!  I don’t know about you, but I am eagerly anticipating the long weekend next weekend, so hopefully this week will be quick.  Unfortunately for me my team is embarking on a very long road trip to the west coast, and as a result I’m only going to be able to see approximately 4 games the next two weeks.  Guess I’ll get caught up on some errands around the house and maybe finish the latest season of Orange is the New Black.  (Which just doesn’t feel as good this year.  I’m not sure what they did, but it’s just….off.)

Dodgers 3, Pirates 4 –  Prof:  Joc Pederson is walked twice in a wasted effort by once and future king Clayton Kershaw. Chad Kuhl get his first career win for the Buccos.

Twins 7, Yankees 1 – Minnesota does their best Baltimore impersonation hitting 6 home runs off the Yankees.

Cubs 1, Marlins 6 – The Cubs lose another one as Joe Maddon is now feeling his seat warming up.

Rays 5, Orioles 12 – Chris Davis hit what I like to call a lead off Grand Slam.  What’s a lead off Grand Slam?  Well I just made it up.  It’s when the first three batters in the game reach base followed by a Grand Slam by the fourth.  O’s never looked back as the Rays losing streak reaches 11.  Chin up, Rays fans you still get to go to Boston.


Indians 9, Tigers 3Prof:  Justin Verlander gives up four home runs in the fifth to the suddenly hot team from the magical land of Cleve.

Padres 0, Reds 3 – Jay Bruce who was heavily shopped, but no one wanted in the off-season is now hitting .279/.328/.909 with 17 Home Runs.  That’s all I got.

Mets 2, Braves 5 – The Barves took this one in part due to a three run home-run by Adonis Garcia in 8th capping a 4 run inning.


Nationals 3, Brewers 2 –  Prof:  The roof was open at Miller Park today, and the brightness of the sun nearly blinded Jayson Werth, allowing the Brewers to come back within striking distance. But alas, no win for the Brew Crew today. Stephen Strasburg is put on the disabled list due to ongoing problems with his back.

Astros 1, Royals 6 – KC Scores 5 in the 7th to snap Houston’s 7 game win streak.

Phillies 7, Giants 8 – Cueto did not have his best game, but the Giants were able to skate by anyways after Conor Gillaspie’s walk-off double.

Blue Jays 2, White Sox 5 –  Prof:  Chris Sale gets win number 13 of the season, continuing to keep his ERA under 3. Are we looking at the AL Cy Young award frontrunner?

Cardinals 11, Mariners 6 – St. Louis is starting to heat up as we enter the summer months.  Too bad they are trapped in a 9 game hole.


D’Backs 7, Rockies 9 – Trevor Story hits his 19th and Mark Reynolds hit a 2 run walk-off bomb.


A’s 6, Angels 7 – Mike Trout hit his 16th as the Angels came back from down 6-2 in the 7th as the Angels walked this one off with a sac fly.  Coco Crisp hit a grand slam in the 4th.

Red Sox 2, Rangers 6 –   Prof: Texas now has the largest division lead in the majors – 10 games. Prince Fielder in a resurgence.

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments!


5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Scores for 6/26/16

  1. The Nats game featured a pitcher, Brewers starter Jimmy Nelson, getting lifted after five innings even though he’d given up no hits to that point. Nelson then retroactively gave up a hit to Ben Revere in the 3rd after Anthony Rendon cleanly singled in the 6th off Jacob Barnes; the Revere play was borderline, and had originally been scored an error because no hitter, I guess, but once Rendon took that off the table, the play got changed to a hit. Follow all that?

    The Nats limp home from a 3-7 road trip where their team batting average went up, but their position relative to the league in runs scored dropped from 4th to 7th due to all those guys left on base (63 for the trip). Even yesterday, when they only got four hits, they still left seven men on base, mostly due to Nelson walking everyone. At least they ended on a win.

    Ten game homestand starts tonight with three against the Mets, who are now only three out. There are rumors that Lucas Giolito might get called up to start one of these games, as the Nats haven’t replaced Strasburg on the roster yet. (Also found out this weekend that Strasburg’s injury was due to weightlifting, and he had two ribs pop out of place, which, ouch.) Time for the pennant race to start for real.

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  2. The commentary above about St. Louis could very well apply to Houston.

    They are playing good baseball, but dug a very deep hole in the first two months. Both teams bear watching, but will have to play extremely well to even have a chance at winning their divisions.

    But two out of three (with big runs scored) in KC felt nice. I just don’t understand why the Astros can’t hit Ian Kennedy, of all people.

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      • owwwch. Probably too soon, but who cares? It’s just a blog.

        But actually, I saw Kennedy bamboozle the Astros at Minute Maid a couple of months back. I announced loudly to the crowd around me that if Ian Kennedy could shut out the ‘Stros, I was switching to the Rangers. Fortunately, but boys bailed me out with a late run, and only lost 6-1. (Wait… 6-1. I think I see a pattern here….)


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