Sometimes the Bear Gets You. Sometimes….

I have to go out in the garden and mulch some newly planted Sanchesia (see image below) before the tropical sun clears the house and cooks the back wall, so I can’t wait all morning for Scout and Prof to sleep orf their hangovers:


So: remind me to eschew prognostications in the future (get it? Prognostications in the future. Prognostications. In the future. Hah hah hah…okay, never mind). A few days back I predicted a massacre of the Feesh at the paws of the big bad Cubs. Ater John Lackey melted down in the fifth inning yesterday en route to a 9-6 Feesh ween, and as El Keed goes for the clincher today, the Rainbow Warriors straddle the panting hulk of the Ursus debilitatus  on the verge of a series win.  Presently, the Rainbow Warriors stand 40-35, back to their optimal escape velocity to shake the gossamer reality waves of the strange attractor, in third place a game behind the Mutts in the NL East.

Justin Bour, who Jar Jar Baseball insists on platooning with the increasingly useless Chris Johnson instead of letting the kid learn to hit lefties (who he is currently hitting at about the same clip as Johnson anyway), crushed another laser beam into the peanut galleries (sucker booked it out like it was on a hyperloop) for a two runner and the awakening Iron Giant smacked a few more hits and drove in three ribbies. Ichiro had another hit (Trump supporters – that gives him 2,984, so you still need to remove both socks to calculate how many more he’ll need to reach 3000, but relief definitely looks like it’s on the way). What do you want to bet that no matter how far past 3000 he gets this season, he’ll still want to play next year? (Notice that I’m inviting you to bet – like I said, I am quit of prognosticatin’ for the nonce.)

Incidentally, today marks the 48th anniversary of my first LSD experience, by the way – in preparation for a Jefferson Airplane concert. Yes, I kept a record. And no, I did not sustain any brain damage because of the stuff (the only real evidence I ever saw that LSD caused brain damage was that P. J. O’Rourke became a conservative).

For those of you who were born too late, here’s what the Jefferson Airplane looked like to me that evening:

That’s right – color photography hadn’t been invented yet.



6 thoughts on “Sometimes the Bear Gets You. Sometimes….

  1. Ah, yes. Gracie Slick at her best. I saw the Airplane without the benefit of LSD and it looked pretty much the same. It was roughly a year later.

    As to PJ O’Rourke, I read an interview with him lately. To hear him tell it, he was always a conservative. If you think back on the Lampoon days, that was dominantly a liberal society inn the early 70’s, so a conservative who was able to free his mind ( I know, I know, oxymoron time) had an open field for satire.

    And congrats on the Feesh showing some life. It’s been a lot more fun around here since Houston woke up from their collective coma.


    • I’m trying to imagine a “conservative” at a National Lampoon staff meeting. Um, no. Conservatives, whose sworn purpose it is to straddle history yelling “Stop!!!”, would unnaturally feel that they had always been the way they are, that there had been no “before” and “after” – even insofar as the delusional golden age they wish to recapture remains ever with them.

      A Jefferson Airplane concert without LSD is like vichyssoise without pepper.


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