Feesh Take Series from Cubs. Earth Wobbles on its Axis.


Since I have a busy day tomorrow prepping for my departure for der Vaterland on Thursday, I’m going to write my recap tonight and let Scout and the Prof catch up with me.

Thank Buddha I gave up prognostication yesterday. A few days ago I figgered that after four games with the Cubs, by this time this evening I’d’ve been awakened from my post-solsticial nap by a loud burrrrrp! from the strange attractor as it swallowed the Feesh’s record. But no. This afternoon El Keed (10-3) pawcuffed the puer ursines, going seven innings, four hits, one run, three walks, thirteen strikeouts. The Feesh cruised to a 6-1 ween, taking the series three games to one, with the big blow a bases-clearing double in the eighth by Martin Prado. (Trump supporters: Ichiro, subbing for Marcell the Damned, resting his sore wrist, went hitless but walked and scored on the Prado blow. Unfortunately, that means you’re going to have to remove both socks to calculate how many more hits he needs to reach 3000 until at least Tuesday, when the Feesh visit Detroit. They’re being inoculated with naval jelly first, as a precaution against rust belt skin disorders).

The Rainbow Warriors find themselves in a virtual tie with the Mutts – one up in the ween column, one down in the loss column – at 41-35, breaking free for first time this season of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves. And they did it with their big bat, Marcell the Damned, on the bench, too. Meanwhile, although he is definitely clawing his way out of his long meeserable slump, the Iron Giant is still swinging at breaking pitches so far down and away that they might as well be subsisting in a parallel universe. Grimm’s whiffing of the big guy in the eighth on two wide curves in the dirt was painful to watch.

Ah well. A series win is a series win. Whoever the Cubs play next, watch out. Those guys are gonna be some kinda peessed orf.

9 thoughts on “Feesh Take Series from Cubs. Earth Wobbles on its Axis.

  1. Gator, have an excellent trip to Europe. Please enjoy fine cheeses for me along with a lovely Beaujolais and some really good bread. When I was in the UK, I had the best bread and butter. Worth the trip just for that alone. 🙂


    • My favorite English cheeses are Stilton and double Gloucester, the former served with a well aged port. As far as the latter, there’s a farm near my sister in law’s home in Gloucestershire that makes the stuff. The last time we were there, we had to drive through a trough of disinfectant and be sprayed down lightly due to an outbreak of bovine spongiform encephalopathy, better known as mad cow disease. None of the cows we met were mad, though – kopacetic ruled. They cut us a pound of their wondrous cheese from one of those big round slabs of the stuff and we bought some crusty rolls at Sainsbury’s.

      This cow, of course, looks well and truly daft:

      How about someone with some photoshopping chops rename that image “Mad Cow Cheese”?


      • They sell a double Gloucester/Stilton combo at some specialty Brit markets in Houston. Sounds a little controversial, but it is wonderful with water crackers and a slightly sweet red wine.

        Enjoy. I probably love European cheeses best of all.


  2. I always enjoy eating in Europe more than the US. Foodwise, UK isn’t the very tops on my list. But all in all, I always enjoy it over there. Have a good one, OG.

    And more power to the Astros/Feesh axis.


    • Yeah, two words you never hear used together are “British” and “cuisine.”

      That said, I have friends from Bangalore, India who tell me the Indian food in London is better than what they get back home. Ah well.

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    • “Ceviche of lionfish cured in passion fruit, ginger and sesame, with lychees and coconut.”

      Dear Buddha! Reading, that, I had a reaction that at my age normally requires hormonal therapy.

      Norman Van Aken is one of my culinary ancient old ones, the Yog Sothoth of postmodernist kitchenry. One of his earlier restaurants, Louie’s Backyard in Key West, is still my go-to for lunch when I’m driving back to Macondo the same evening or dinner when I’m not. It still features most of the original recipes he created there before he sold the place to the current owners, and they’ve been more or less faithful to them while adding some nifty dishes of their own. Norman’s spicy conch chowder with bird peppers remains the closest thing to His body and blood you can buy on a breezy oceanside patio deck with a view of the Gulf.

      Van Aken’s Feast of Sunlight occupies a place of honor on my kitchen shelf, right next to The Raw and the Cooked by Jim Harrison. I let the two old masters honor each other by their proximity.


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