Weekend Express – Scores for 6/24/16

The weekend is here!

Red Sox 8, Rangers 7

Nationals 3, Brewers 5

Phillies 4, Giants 5

Twins 3, Yankees 5

Cubs 5, Marlins 4

Mets 8, Braves 6

Blue Jays 2, White Sox 3

Astros 13, Royals 4 – Did Edinson Volquez really have the worst start in MLB history? Discuss among yourselves.

Diamondbacks 10,  Rockies 9

A’s 7, Angels 4

Rays 3, Orioles 6 Prof:  Welcome back Manny Machado, have yourself a night. Scouts: Tampa Looked like they were going to walk away with a win, but the O’s who were no hit through 4 had a big 4 run 6th inning.

Cardinals 3, Mariners 4

Dodgers 6, Pirates 8

Indians 7, Tigers 4

Padres 13, Reds 4 – Prof:  A resurgence of Bossman Jr…er…Melvin Upton Jr. is in full swing over in San Diego. One of the few bright spots of their season.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Scores for 6/24/16

  1. Tsk tsk, mine is the only comment here. Me of the horrid Twins, who BTW not only lost yesterday but managed to waste one of their rare good pitching efforts this afternoon.

    All I might do here is gnash my teeth, pour ash on my head and rend my garments, while you fans of winning or at least respectable teams can dance and gloat. Pray that the Gods do not justly reward your ingratitude.


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