The Midnight Snack – Friday Night Dance Party

‘sup peeps? Let’s get this party started.

Everybody feels like partying. Even Southpaw, the White Sox mascot, is in it to win it.

I also approve of the crazy t-shirt that Southpaw is wearing. And the Zubaz! I hate them, but they work in this situation.

Every once in a while, the scourge of Atlanta (otherwise known as Coppy) will take to Twitter for Q&A. He says a lot of crazy things, tries to cover his butt a lot, but sometimes he will actually say something that causes me to have a lot of respect for him. Things like this, for example.

The question was in regards to the Alex Wood trade to the Dodgers for that guy who subsequently beat the living hell out of a lady and is suspended. Wood has ended up being a solid starter for LA, while Atlanta keeps scraping by with pitchers who would be laughed out of town nearly everywhere else in the league.

If you want to see what other stuff Coppy said, search Twitter using the hashtag #AskCoppy. It’s interesting.

I hope you all have a great weekend!

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