The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Y’all, I had to work super late this evening, and I’m crazy tired. Plus I have to go to work earlier than usual in the morning, too. So this is an abbreviated Snack this evening. But that doesn’t mean I’m skimping on the good stuff, no sirree.

Guys, there’s no other choice. I need to immerse myself in a Zack Greinke cult, because clearly he is a minor deity. You doubt me? Oh, foolish mortals.

This is truly beautiful. Please, ZG, allow me to worship your awesome power at the green cathedral of my choice.

But even demigods were once small children. In case you missed it, there’s a wee Noah Syndergaard Mini-Me out there, and he’s awesome.

Look at this baby and tell me that it’s not a Mini Thor.

In this cold world, it’s nice to have things that make you smile.

Good night, fam.

One thought on “The Midnight Snack – Thursday

  1. Yeah but, I bet once the other big minor coach had baby Snydergaard take one in the fucking earhole for disrespecting the fucking game, little Noah grew up respectful of the unwritten rules and now plants fastballs into other people’s earholes and all was good….the end!

    If I have said it once, I said it a thousand fucking times…… Only in sports unions are you allowed to fucking attempt homicide by throwing a 100 mph fastball AT ANOTHER PLAYERS FUCKING HEAD! Any other union in the world, you are fired.

    I SO friggan need a sous chef union where I can stuff a competitor’s fucking smug face in a fryolator for dissing my creme freche! And that is after she said my knife skills were suspect! We don’t talk about how she loses a fucking digit every time she chiffanades, WE don’t tell other chef’s about about how the spun sugar is really fucking easy to do! It’s ONLY fucking their to make people buy 25 dollar deserts, right fucking Marsha?

    Anyway, what were you going on about?


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