He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/23/16

Scouts: My team had the day off yesterday, as did a majority of the league.  What do you typically do to fill that void when your favorite team has the day off?  Do you try to find another game to watch?  Do you catch-up on Netflix and family time?  Personally I fed my latest addiction, Overwatch.  Even as a fan it’s nice to take a day or a game off on occasion and take a step away for a moment.  Now I’m eagerly anticipating a return to the field tonight.  It’s Friday and I’m dragging a little today and need a good musical pick-me-up.  Come sing and dance with me!

Athletics 5, Angels 4Marcus Semien hit a three run home run in the second as the A’s dispatched Tim Lincecum in his Angel Stadium debut. Scary scene as umpire Paul Emmel was hit by a lost bat on the back-swing and was taken to the hospital.  He is reported to be okay.


Mets 3, Braves 4Prof: What’s wrong with the Mets? I know it’s a hard thing to lose both your first and third basemen for the season, especially when your third baseman is the undisputed heart and soul of the team, but the Mets should be loaded for bear. They should not be losing to a team whose motto is “We never met an overpaid veteran we didn’t like.” In the meantime, one of those veterans, A.J. Pierzynski, went 2-4 with 2 RBI.

Giants 5, Pirates 3The Bucs are officially in trouble as they continue to be unable to defeat a winning team.

Phillies 7, Twins 3Prof: Freddy Galvis goes 2-3 with a home run to give Philadelphia the advantage over Minnesota.

Mariners 4, Tigers 5 – F/10 – Seattle gets it’s most painful loss yet.  After being unable to bring in a man on third with zero outs in the top of hte inning, Steve Cishek throws a wild pitch allowing Cameron Maybin to score the winning run.  Seattle is now one game below .500.


Padres 7, Reds 4Two terrible teams played.  One less terrible team won.  I don’t expect to see this series on MLB’s game of the week anytime soon.

Cubs 2, Marlins 4Prof: Cubbies in a four game slump, while Giancarlo Stanton seems to be breaking out of his. I trust Gator will give us a recap in his own Feeshy way.

Diamondbacks 7, Rockies 6Arizona almost blew a 3 run lead only to score the winning run with a 2 out single in the top of the 9th. Can someone explain to me why your $206 million dollar starting pitcher is fucking stealing second base? #DHForLifeSon


White Sox 7, Red Sox 8 – F/10 –  Prof:  Kimbrel with the (vulture-y?) win here. The losing pitcher is named Purke. I thought it said “Puke”. Note to F.I. fam and friends, please don’t allow me to read anything after working for 12 hours straight.


14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/23/16

  1. Yesterday I prognosticated a slaughter at the hands of the Cubs, not having bothered to check aforehand (lesson learned) that Maddon’s boys were in the throes of a slump. I did check who was pitching for the Feesh, of course – Wei Yin Chen, who, although he did surrender the obligatory dinger to the Cubs’ veteran replacement catcher David Ross for a 2-2 tie in the eighth, pitched creditably enough – 7 IP, 7 K, 1 BB, only one dinger for a change. The other run scored courtesy of a two base error by CF Marcell the Damned in the 4th. That run was answered by the Iron Giant on an opposite field dinger orf John Lester in the bottom of the inning. Marcell then atoned for his cerebroflatular episode with a gravity’s rainbow into the back of the left field stands in the sixth. The Iron Giant also delivered a two out single in the eighth orf Pedro Strop to plate Christian Yelich for the go-ahead run, and then score on a hit by Realmuto for the final winning 4-2 margin.

    So, is the Iron Giant emerging from his weenter of discontent at last?

    Only time will tell.

    Incidentally, with that win the Feesh move into a transient semi-tie with the Mutts for secondthird place in the NL East.

    PS – I wish to thank the people of Britain for making my scheduled August visit so much less expensive. I think the pound was down to $1.36 at one point this morning and will prolly sink further. I might even order a glass of Montrachet with my Dover sole at Trader Vic’s. Wonder if the werewolf will come in for a pina colada?

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    • I just returned from London, OG. I could tell the emotions were running to Brexit, but I hoped a little common sense and self interest would triumph. So much for that.

      We probably got the flavor of the whole thing when that Trumpie murdered the MP.


      • What’s really unfortunate is that you weren’t there long enough to enjoy the bottom falling out of sterling against the exchange rate on your American Express bill.

        I, however, am going to London in August for my British wife’s cousin’s wedding and plan to revel in all the bargain tandoori meals, car rental rates and hotel charges. The dollar ought to look like Ahhnold Schvartznegger by then.

        Incidentally, the scuttlebutt is that Boris Johnson will replace the flamed out David Cameron as PM. He reminds me of a cross between Donald Trump and Andy Devine:

        Square peg, anyone?

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      • I find it hard to believe they would go Boris. But this is his victory; maybe the establishment will let him figure out how to clean the mess himself. I just hope this doesn’t portend anything for the US in November.

        And I’m curious how long it is until Scotland and Northern Ireland are reconsidering their alliance with England and Wales.

        I suspect that I may end up glad we went before the big vote. I suspect things will get pretty crazy..


        • You don’t have to be curious for long. Apparently Scotland is already murmuring about revisiting their independence vote, and there’s rumors of Dublin offering Reunification with Belfast. Also, there’s already a movement for London – which voted overwhelmingly Remain – to break away and become an independent City-State.

          The UK might have left the EU but they may also lose the United part of the Kingdom as well.


        • Just look at France for right wing idiocy. It’s a matter of time. The true outrage was that Scotland and N. Ireland were like 70/65% respectively and they didn’t even count. Scotland almost voted independently but got caught up in the nationalism BECAUSE of the EU!

          Now they feel like the little brother that can’t say that Mom is off her fucking rocker. Great Britain now has to spend at a minimum, THREE fucking years renegotiating trade agreements. For what? Are they afraid of the angry brown man? Good!

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        • I was over there for some of the discussion, Slappy. Not going to argue that in some corners it wasn’t a bit of the Fascist element. Britain has a history of fascist leanings.

          But a lot of the spoken complaint, and I believe a lot of people on this, was a feeling of loss of national sovereignty to faceless bureaucrats and the judicial structure in Brussels. At least here in the States we can claim we put those guys in Washington even if we hate them.

          But they threw the baby out with the bath water. It won’t be pretty.

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  2. After the Texas Tech-Coastal Carolina game last night, they interviewed Coastal’s closer (who pitched the middle innings). The reporter asked if he would make an appearance in tonight’s game in a critical situation and the kid proudly said no. He said the coaches wouldn’t let him even if he wanted to anyway, because they protect their arms — and then he looked into the camera and made a pitch to HS pitchers looking at college teams. He invited them to consider the program because you can trust the coaching staff to think about your long-term health/prospects while being competitive. It was a great moment.

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    • That IS pretty awesome. I’d much rather any kid of mine going to a school where the coaches actually care about the student, and not the bottom line. Amazing.


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