The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

The Cubs are good. There’s a hashtag and everything, you know? We all know that the All Star Game is a huge popularity contest, but I’d like to believe that in this instance, it’s because #WeAreGood.

Full disclosure. I didn’t vote for Addison. I KNOW, what kind of Cubs fan am I? An honest one, who thinks that there are two other shortstops in the NL that is having a better season thus far. But the rest of these guys? Heck yeah. No question. I’m even voting Rizzo over my bestest hug buddy Freddie Freeman, who is the only Braves player worth a darn!

Bauer Outage:  Trevor Bauer has reinvented his career. Actually, he’s just been allowed to be himself, and not what the Diamondbacks wanted him to be.

Here, even young Bauer is surprised at what he can do.

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