Why do the Feesh play in Macondo?

It is true that the history of Macondo’s major league rutting interest has been rife with instability, weirdness and absurdity. It’s not the team itself, though: weirdness rises up from our saline-riddled karst like goopher radon. Here’s an example of what I mean; liberally interpreted, it will explain a lot of what goes on with the Feesh:

“Members of the Martin County Sheriff’s Office were in for quite the surprise when answering a call of a suspected burglar inside a home.

According to the Palm Beach Post, a woman called 911 after returning to her Palm City home to find her front door open and noises coming from inside. Deputies responded and found the culprit: a duck. The agency had fun with the finding on their Facebook page, posting the following summary:

“Deputy [Becky] Brady advised that the suspect tried to duck out on her several times, but they were able to apprehend him without rattling any feathers,” the post says. “Despite a fowl attitude, the uninvited house guest was released and not charged. Another MCSO case quacked.”

  • Courtesy of NBC News, from whom it was removed without permission.

3 thoughts on “Why do the Feesh play in Macondo?

  1. Hey, Gator,

    Miss reading your posts over at Hardball. Not the same site without you.

    If you’ve been following the illustrious career of the Tweeter what do you make of the return of a faint pulse?


  2. If you mean his current slush line of .222/.315/.367/.682 with an 0.5 WAR (the latter averaging itself into oblivion following his little spurt in May), yeah, that’s pretty faint. He’s followed up that spasm of usefulness by batting .103 since. I can’t find his RSP but would bet you it’s around .150, his usual stat. As far as his incipient mammophobia, I can only advise him as my summer camp riding instructor advised me when I was about 12 years old: when the hoss thows ya, git right back up there agin.

    As far as Circling the Bases, while I appreciate being appreciated my nostalgia for it went out the window with that jackal’s breakfast of a site redesign and the midnight massacre of its other writers in favor of soulless wire service clips, both of which I know weren’t Craigster’s fault. I wish Craig would find other employment, but he’s got a family (and a single malt habit) to feed.

    In any case I’m right here, and frankly I think I’ve done some of my best writing ever on this blog. It is for the most part devoid of toykosandblaster-caliber idiots, which is tonic, and we have an edit function! Try inhabiting this site once in a while. It might really get under your skin.


    • You have been tracking the Tweeter! The world is back on its axis.

      I didn’t much care for the visual changes they made at Hardball either, but it didn’t dawn on me they’d canned contributors. Shows how much I was paying attention.

      I’ve bookmarked the Fan Interference site now that I’ve rediscovered you and look forward to a toothsome fresh addition to the daily baseball reading list.


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