The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

A tip of the cap to our friend Kevin S., who provided me with the following link that made my blood boil.

A supposed financial advisor stole millions of dollars from Jake Peavy and Roy Oswalt under the guise of trust and sharing their faith. The worst part is that this “financial advisor” was actually approved by the NFL’s player’s association. This means he had to have somehow passed some sort of vetting process. My argument about the boneheaded NFLPA will be for another day, and perhaps another blog, but the principle is the same. This man, this crook, was approved to handle huge amounts of money given to him by young men who wanted to do the right thing and provide for the future and their families’ future.

(The following tweet has nothing to do with the article, but a) Oswalt’s looking super derp and I love it, and b) I fully endorse the message in the tweet, I don’t care what you say.)

Full disclosure: Roy Oswalt is in my top five favorite players of all time, which is saying something because he never played for any of my teams. But in Roy, I see something of myself, a small town kid from the country who had a dream and made good on it. And after reading this article twice, I am spittin’ mad.

You guys have never seen me truly angry, and I hope you never do, because it’s honestly not a good thing. This creep who ripped my boy Roy off, though, he should be glad he’ll never run into me because I’d love to give him a punch in the nose.

Oswalt lost millions of dollars. Jake Peavy lost almost $15m himself, and it’s because they trusted someone who pretended to be a man of faith and a man of integrity.

I can forgive a great many things, but dishonesty – prolonged, ongoing, deliberate dishonesty – is the one thing that I hate more than anything else. Everything in my life is built upon trust, and there can be no trust without truth. Roy trusted this guy to do right by him, Nicole, and their children, and this guy stabbed him in the back.

It makes me sick. Oswalt might have made millions upon millions of dollars, but he’s also a relatively young man who will have permanent back problems and who knows how many surgeries he’ll eventually have. He’s given back to his tiny community, gives back to his parents. He was smart as a boy and hired this financial advisor to make sure that he was prepared for the day when he went back home to Weir. And this snake stole it from him.

This isn’t something new; it happens all the time in sports. Usually you hear about kids who blow their signing bonus on Lambos and new kicks, and they soon become A.I. kind of broke. However, Oswalt (and Peavy) tried to do the right thing, and the thing they have to show for it is broken trust and millions of dollars thieved away.

I pray that this scammy lizard rots in jail.

2 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

  1. Having known my share of con artists (one of whom was a close relative), I can sympathize with Oswalt and Peavy. I trust that since this character’s behavior is known he’s been arrested and charged (please correct me if I’m wrong) and hope he winds up bussing Bernie Madoff’s bedpan:

    Having known and taught my share of would be (and some indeed would be) football players, I can also understand how the NFL Player’s Association could fail to vet a grifter properly and look forward to Prof’s disquisition on that subject. Since I’m not much of a football fan, I will rely on your apparently higher interest level and knowledgeability about the subject.

    On the other hand, sorry, If you want to believe in fairy tales and found your gullibility on shared superstition, you’re setting yourself up majorly for a riporf. Faith is great until it obviates reality. If there’s a silver lining to this miserable story, it’s that Oswalt and Peavy will now be able to pass through the needle’s eye, camels and all. May Buddha bless them both with an augmented sense of humor.


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