Orange You Watching the CWS?

I don’t know if many of you are watching the College World Series underway in Omaha. If so, you may have noticed that the Big 12* is well represented this year. The Horny Frogs have moved on in Bracket 2, though Paper Lion’s Red Raiders have a chance to face them again if they can beat Coastal Carolina tomorrow night. Whoever wins that bracket will face the winner of Bracket 1, which has been dominated so far by my Oklahoma State Pokes, coached by Josh Holliday (Matt’s brother).

After beating the Cinderella of the tournament (UCSB), the Cowboys faced their perennial nemesis, Arizona, to move on in the winner’s bracket. Monday’s game got off to a slow start with a rain delay. The Pokes had a little fun occupying themselves during the wait:

When the game finally got underway, it started like this:

That pretty much set the tone for the game, which OSU won 1-0. It’s been a long time since a team has won back-to-back 1-0 victories in the CWS, and it was mostly on the strength of excellent pitching. For those of you interested in up-and-coming pitchers, OSU’s Thomas Hatch was just drafted by the Cubs and the Astros picked up Tyler Buffett (of the Warren Buffetts).

I look forward to Friday’s final in the bracket. I’m hoping OSU will fire up Tulsa’s own the Gap Band again (they play You Dropped a Bomb On Me whenever someone hits a homer), but the big hits have been missing from the Series tourney so far.

In the meantime, the team has been doing more than working out and lounging by the pool or living large in Omaha. Yesterday, they paid a visit to the Children’s Hospital there to hang out with some of the kids.

OSU has been representing all around and I am one happy historio.

And we are killing at the uni game too! Orange and black, baby.

5 thoughts on “Orange You Watching the CWS?

  1. In general I have a difficult following College as it’s just too much change year to year for my tastes, but I can certainly see the appeal for those that do. Perhaps if I had spent time in a major university I’d have gotten into it more. I do have to say I’m a big fan of any team wearing Orange.


      • Boomer Sooner! I was in Stillwater many years ago to see a football game. It was my first time there. I stopped and asked a guy watering his yard where the University was. He said: “Norman.” Ha Ha. Aside from that I hope the Pokes win. Then Orange, really will be the new Black!


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