He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/21/16

Prof and I couldn’t come up with a decent theme for today’s post, so I decided to flip the script a bit.  Let’s talk about television theme songs.  What’s your favorite?  The Theme should set a proper tone for the show, be catchy, and withstand the test of time.

I’ll start of with my favorite theme of all time that also happens to be my favorite show of all time.  It’s just so perfect.

Always one of the more popular theme songs, this was one of my favorite shows growing up as a child.  Even after all these years, it always brings a smile to my face.

Such a deep, dark, and beautiful song.  Really hard not to hit you in the gut with this one.

So now that I took at least two of the most popular, what is your favorite?  Night Court?  Simpsons?  Barney Miller? WKRP in Cincinnati? Welcome Back Kotter?  Scrubs?


Braves 3, Marlins 2 – F/10 – Jace Peterson held all the offensive cards for the team from Atlanta.  Peterson hit a game tying 2 run homerun in the 8th, then broke it open with a RBI single in the 10th.

Diamondbacks 4, Blue Jays 2 – Despite outhitting Arizona 9-3 the Blue Jays couldn’t push enough runs across the plate.


Cardinals 4, Cubs 3 – Those bumbs the Cubs have dropped TWO consecutive games and face a series sweep tonight.  So overrated.

Reds 8, Rangers 2Prof: Colby Lewis left after five innings due to cramping in his arm, but not before allowing runs everywhere. Plus, the Reds did all of this without the services of Joey Votto, who sat out due to an undisclosed illness.

Tigers 4, Mariners 2 – Seattle has lost 8 of their last 10 and now are only a half game ahead of Houston.

Rockies 8, Yankees 4 – Ian Nova gets smoked for 8 runs in 4 innings.  Start making some calls Cash.


Twins 14, Phillies 10Prof: Kurt Suzuki with 6 RBI. No, seriously. Meanwhile, Aaron Nola gets another loss, dropping to 5-7 for the season after a hot start to the year.

Brewers 3, A’s 5 – Doolittle with the win.  I love that guy for having the best name in baseball alone.

Indians 6, Rays 0 – Kluber blanks the Rays giving up just 3 hits and pitching a complete game on 115 pitches.

Padres 10, Orioles 7Prof:  The normally solid Baltimore bullpen had a meltdown against the generally sad Pads. A wasted effort from Pedro Alvarez, who had two home runs and five ribbies.

Nationals 2, Dodgers 3 – The Dodgers get a rare victory against a winning team when Kershaw isn’t pitching.  I’ve always hated the whole pitcher MVP thing (I prefer two separate awards, one for pitchers, one for batters.) but if we are going to let that happen, it’s pretty hard to argue against Kershaw this year.  No single player is more valuable to their team this season.

Mets 2, Royals 1 – Bartolo Colon was hit with a line drive and left the game after just one batter.  The Mets bullpen managed to get 26 outs in this one.  Talk about stepping up.

Astros 3, Angels 2 – Correa hit both a solo home-run and a two run walk-off single as the Astros just refuse to lose.


Giants 15, Pirates 4Prof: Johnny Cueto has quietly become one of the best pitchers, wins-wise, in the National League, and his teammates have his back again with a huge offensive effort. Angel Pagan hits a grand slam to gild the lily.

White Sox 3, Red Sox 1 – The White Sox may be down, but they still have Sale, who pulls to 12-2, holding one of the best offenses in the league to just one run.


14 thoughts on “He Said, She Said – Recaps for 6/21/16

  1. Usually when a team has eleven hits, seven for extra bases (five doubles and two home runs), the game story includes phrases like “Team X banged out 11 hits”, or “Team X pounded Y’s starting pitcher”. Unfortunately for the Nats, last night was not usual; the two HRs were solo shots, they had TOOTBLANs at third and home, and went 1-10 with RISP, with the one hit leading to the TOOTBLAN at home.

    Meanwhile, Tanner Roark was absolutely dominating the Dodgers for 7 innings, but made one mistake in the 8th, and Yasmani Grandal, he of the .180 batting average, hit a three run home run, sending the Nats to their fourth straight defeat.

    As for TV show theme songs, the best theme song ever in my opinion is this one, and as it happens, the show was set in LA, so it’s even relevant to the game recap:

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  2. I’ve always hated the whole pitcher MVP thing (I prefer two separate awards, one for pitchers, one for batters.

    There IS one for batters. It’s called the Hank Aaron Award, but most people pretend it doesn’t exist.

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  3. Last night Jar Jar Baseball demonstrated once again why he was Scrooge McLoria’s uncontested pick to helm the Feesh in the wake of his lycing of the Meerkat. After El Keed had thrown seven one-hit shutout innings against the Barves, Jar Jar – with his uncanny knack for plugging in just the right stemtideman against just the right batter – had David Phelps face Jace Peterson, who hadn’t yet hit a single home run this season, in the eighth with Emilio Bonifacio on first, where Phelps had generously positioned him courtesy of a BB. Of course, Petersen hits a two run home run and ties the game.


    Not content with that stroke of tactical genius, Jar Jar brought in Mike Dunn to face Petersen with two outs in the tenth and a man on third, over to which he had moved after Kyle Bearclaw walked him, saw him advance on a groundout and then to third on a wild pitch. Petersen, who was batting .083 against lefties before that at-bat, promptly whacked a single into left field on a pitch so fat it could have impersonated Kim Davis, plating the go-ahead and eventually winning run.


    The Feesh now stand at 37-34, back snug in the grip of the gossamer reality waves of the strange attractor, where they seem most comfortable, a full game back into third place where they also seem most comfortable, behind the slowly recuperating Mutts. This has been their pattern all season: run with a hot streak, follow it up with a period of glaciation. Ah well.

    And here’s my alltime favorite TV theme song:

    Unfortunately, YouTube seems to have deleted the scenes of our simian sleuth sitting in his orifice masturbating while reading the racing forms. Gimme Spillane, ook ook ook!


  4. TV themes, eh? Something that sets a proper tone for the show, is catchy, and withstands the test of time (this one’s been in my head for around 55 years – is that long enough?). How about all of that, plus add loud, bombastic, overly patriotic and moralistic (right up the alley of at least one of your Presidential candidates)? Well, I might have something for you…

    For the young folks on here, back in the less-colourful (proper English spelling really is important, no?) days before Ponch and Jon, California law enforcement was represented by this little beauty. Oh, to think I used to rush home from school to watch it… and Tombstone Territory… and Texas Rangers… and… /disappears into a cloud of wishing life was still that simple . Anyway, check it out (and turn the sound up!)

    That’s a whole episode, by the way, but you’ll get the theme at the start and a general idea of what the show is like. Hang around to the end for a lovely community service sermon if you want…


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