The Impossible Has Happened Before, and Will Happen Again, Exactly the Same Way….Karellen

Sorry Scout n’ Prof, couldn’t wait for the recap. This was too important.

The Feesh fell to the Rocky Mountain Oysters 5-3 last night – all eight runs coming on solo homers! Impossible? Yes! In any universe founded on the ineluctable syllogism it never could have happened. But of course, this is our universe, and it happened in that architectural teratogen, Macondo Banana Massacre Field.

The game featured two home runs by Marcell the Damned, the Iron Giant’s first home run since the K/T Meteorite, and indies by Story, two by Reynolds, Hundley and Blackmon. You would have thought Chen was pitching on a day’s rest.


Of course, the loss dropped the Rainbow Warriors back into the lascivious tips of the strange attractor’s gossamer reality waves at 37-33, and dumped them back into third place in the NL East behind the aestivating Mutts. Like dead Cthulhu, the strange attractor lies dreaming, waiting….

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