He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/20/16


Good morning, everyone. Yesterday I was dragging my tail. Maybe it was the choice of wake up music? Let’s fix that.

Scouts: Sorry I’m a little late today.  Work stuff happened.

Dodgers 4, Nationals 1Prof: What would have been the coolest matchup of the night was dashed upon the rocks, as Stephen Strasburg was scratched from his start against the Dodgers and their sensational southpaw Clayton Kershaw. I was eagerly looking forward to the highlights of this game; Stras vs Kersh. Both ridiculous, both strikeout machines, both coming into this game with huge momentum. But, alas. There can only be one, and of course, that one is the best pitcher in all of baseball, the mighty Kershaw.


Diamondbacks 3, Phillies 1Didn’t Philly look halfway decent at one point this year?

Rangers 4, Orioles 3Kevin Gausman still has yet to find his first victory on the season.  The one game road trip is over as the Orioles return to Baltimore to face the Padres tonight.  Yes, they traveled from Baltimore, to Texas, then back to Baltimore in two days.

Tigers 8, Mariners 7 – in 12. Prof: Justin Upton wins the game with a walk off home run. As you do.


Pirates 1, Giants 0Mad Bum pulls the loss giving up just the one run, a solo home run to Erik Kratz.  (His first on the season.) Update: I missed it originally, but it looks like the only run of the game was almost actually caught, but Angel Pagan lost it when he hit the wall.  How terrible must he feel right now?


Cardinals 3, Cubs 2Prof: Cards bats went wacky against their old pal Lackey. St. Louis’ win this evening stops a five game losing streak.

Indians 7, Rays 4When you thought of who would lead this division at the end of June, did anyone have their money on Cleveland?  Did anyone attend this game?  13,811 people took time off from celebrating the NBA championship to attend this game.  NBA champs, first place in the division.  Has there ever been a better week to be a Cleveland fan?  I mean you still have RG3, but nothing can be perfect right?

White Sox 3, Red Sox 1Prof: The Battle of the Laundry proved victorious for snowy white stockings this evening, as Chicago took the game into extra innings. The ever impressive Jose Abreu hit a double to win the game.

Astros 10, Angels 7 Hey Houston.  You were supposed to be bad.  But you keep winning.  Only 4 games back in what’s shaping up to be a really tough division.  Can get to .500 tonight.

Rockies 5, Marlins 3Trevor Story hit number 18.  Stanton and Ozuna also hit home runs.  8 HR in total.  For all you purists out there.


One more for the road, and let us know what we missed!

5 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/20/16

  1. I didn’t listen to the video posted above, but in those three Ks, you can see what Bryce Harper looks like when things aren’t going well for him. Notice how he’s pulling off the ball/falling toward first base on his swings? That’s the bad version of Harper.

    Apparently Strasburg tweaked his back on Saturday, but the Nats were hush-hush about it till announcing that he couldn’t go. They’re not yet worried about his making his next start, but he had similar back issues last year that had him on the DL for a while, so caution is the right course of action.

    As to the game, Yusmeiro Petit did yeoman’s work when pressed into emergency start duty, going six innings and only giving up three runs on four hits. Kershaw wobbled in the top of the 7th, as the Nats had one in, two on, one out and Danny Espinosa at the plate. Espinosa crushed a pitch, but hit it on a line right at Howie Kendrick in left, and then after a wild pitch Chris Heisey couldn’t manage to get the runners home, and the threat ended, and the Dodgers bullpen put down the Nats over the 8th and 9th.

    Such is baseball.


  2. Last night was one of the few nights that Kimbrel didn’t have it. Another 9 innings by Wright (I wonder how long this happy trail can last for him–longer than I expected). At one point Kimbrel had thrown 21 pitches, 10 for strikes. Ouch. Since the game was tied at 1 in the 9th, I wonder if this was a classic case of a closer coming in in a non-save situation and having a different mindset.

    Abreu hasn’t been as good as he was the last two seasons, but his double came off a big fat meatball that probably looked like a cantaloupe or a beach ball.


  3. I think some sort of miasma that hates outfielders has infected the Rays. they lost their 4th one last night to a broken wrist. One can only hope that Kiermaier and John Phillip Sousa Jr, and Brandon Guyer can get back soon


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