He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/19/16

Prof:  Happy Monday, everyone. I don’t know if you’re like me and you need something to get you moving on a Monday or not. Last night, I took a slight break from baseball in order to watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals. I’m primarily a college basketball fan, unless the team playing has Dirk Nowitzki on it, or it’s the last game of a playoff. I always watch the last game of the Finals regardless of who is playing, because I love high pressure games. I love it in baseball, too, which is why I almost always watch the decision game of a World Series, no matter who is playing.

Scouts: I hope all you fathers and future fathers, had a great weekend.  In celebration, teams around MLB wore powder blue uniforms that will be auctioned off for Prostate Cancer Foundation.  Certainly a great cause, but made things a little difficult at times.  I spent time with my Mother and Step-Father and we were having a hard time telling who was who, since basically everyone had the same uniforms.  It didn’t help that the Blue Jays who already wear blue were in Blue and Grey, while the Orioles were in Blue and White.  The Angels and Padres had the right idea.  Need some color contrast in there.  I also watched the NBA finals last night (Well, the last 10 mins of game time anyways.) and I am reminded why I don’t particularly care for professional basketball anymore.  I used to love it as a kid, when Magic, Bird, and Michael ruled the game, but the game is just too different for me now.  Golden State seemed to me to have quit.  Steph Curry looked like he didn’t really want to be there, as if he had better things to do.  Conversely, James’s team looked hungry, like they wanted it more.  Either way, in what should have been insanely exciting, I found myself bored and playing with the smart functionality of my TV.  (There’s a button that gives you a bunch of live stats you can sort through.)

Anyway, all of this to say that sometimes you just gotta celebrate a player, no matter what sport he happens to play. Or even if he’s not even a player no more.

Scores for Sunday’s games, because that’s why we’re here.

Red Sox 2, Mariners 18 hits in 8 innings, but Price holds the Mariners to just a solo homerun.

Astros 6, Reds 0 Houston still has a long way to go to catch up, but they are starting to play like the team we thought they were.

Braves 6, Mets 0Prof: Braves swept the Mets. This actually happened. The Braves, owners of the worst record in the National League, beat the defending National League champions. Shut out Yoenis Cespedes. Ravaged my boy Jacob deGrom. Did they get into a tainted Shake Shack burger ala Ryne Sandberg?


Twins 7, Yankees 4.500 ball isn’t going to be enough to stay in this division New York.  Maybe it’s time to look at trading what you can while you can.

Diamondbacks 5, Phillies 1 Philly is on a 6 game losing streak and has lost 9 of their last 10.  Whoof.

Dodgers 2, Brewers 1Prof:  Despite a first inning homer by my small child Scooter Gennett, the Brewers could not stop doing Brewery things. A walk off walk. No, for real.

Rangers 5, Cardinals 4 – Cards are 12.5 games back despite playing .515 ball.  That hurts my head.  The Rangers quietly have the second best record in baseball.

Orioles 11, Blue Jays 6Always a tough fought series between these two teams.  Orioles hitting was on point today with a season high 19 hits.  Umpire Dale Scott left the game after taking a foul tip to the groin.  He did NOT look good.  Thankfully the Oriole’s training staff has some experience with such injuries and hopefully the injury was not too serious.


Royals 2, Tigers 1We got free baseball as KC pulled ahead in the 13th when rookie Chelsor Cuthbert singled in the winning run.

Padres 6, Nationals 3Gio Gonzalez got smacked around by the hapless Padres as the Nats drop the series finale.

Angels 2, A’s 0Prof: Jered Weaver with the year’s first Maddux. 95 pitches to shut out Oakland. What’s wrong with the Athletics when Weaver, whose fastball is average about 83 mph these days, shuts you out? And of course, because this is my favorite stat that references my favorite person in the world, let’s celebrate with a song that always makes me think of Greg Maddux.

I got it bad, got it bad. :p

Indians 3, White Sox 2Jose Ramirez walked it off in the 10th with a single as the once read hot White Sox fall three games below .500.

Marlins 3, Rockies 0 The Marlins hold the Rockies to just two hits.  Marcell Ozuna went 3-4 with all three of Miami’s RBI’s.

Cubs 10, Pirates 5Prof: Bryzzo is life, Bryzzo is love. Bryzzo gives us back to back homers in this game that wasn’t even as close as the score would lead you to believe.


Giants 5, Rays 1The Giants are now on a 8 game winning streak and are maintaining a 6.5 game lead over the Dodgers.

What did we miss? Give us your insights below.

17 thoughts on “He Said, She Said: Recaps for 6/19/16

  1. A sweep finally happened. The Braves are still behind the 4th place Phills in the NL East standings so nothin to worry about it all. Braves still gettin that 1st pick (hopefully)!


  2. There are not going to be any “future fathers.” “Father’s Day” is going the way of the Canterbury pilgrimage. The future is parthenogenesis. It has worked too well for the six lined racerunner and the Turkish gecko and the garden slug for nature not to have sat up and taken notice. The sperm will join the pony express and wooden television consoles on history’s scrapheap in the near future, and women will begin delivering exact genetic replicas of themselves, all born pregnant, without having to tidy away beer cans behind bothersome drones. “Men”” will be dismissed as myths by everyone except a few relict Euhemerists. The Eloi are on their own.

    More importantly, though, the Feesh boolpen, which had been the whacking shys of the National League, has been stellar against the Rocky Mountain Oysters. The Thin Airsmen invaded Macondo Banana Massacre Field on Friday fresh orffa a four game winning streak with the second best offensive numbers in the league. The Rainbow Warriors beat them back three straight, and whereas their starters weren’t always stellar the boolpen was like that invisible force field generated by the Martian tripods in War of the Worlds. Tom Koehler went six and change scoreless innings and the former arson squad squelched the Oysters for the next three, while Marcell the Damned crushed a 421-foot three run homer in the sixth to account for all the scoring. Ozuna has done a phenomenal job picking up the slack for the schlumping Iron Giant, who remains crucial to the “chemistry” of the team, like cold fusion:

    More important, the Feesh have reached 5 games beyond the strange attractor for the first time this season, and our sensor batteries cannot detect any gossamer reality waves clinging to their second place position in the standings, nor their unalloyed ownership of the lead position for the wild card! The Mutts, eviscerated by the nothing-to-lose Barves this weekend, are plummeting at nature’s benchmark velocity of 32 feet per sec per sec.

    We may expect their pattern of oscillation between 0-5 games beyond the attractor, though. So far this season they’ve followed every hot streak with a skid to engender dead lawyer jokes (ie, what’s the difference between a dead armadillo and a dead lawyer? A: no skid marks ahead of the lawyer).

    In peripheral news, the Feesh front orifice finally figgered out that Justin Nicolino was spalded into the glare of the show before his time and sent him back to Nawlins to be stripped, sanded and refinished for later in the season. In his place they have brought up someone named Clemens (no relation; repeat, no relation) who will face the Thin Airsmen today in the series finale.


  3. I didn’t see much of the Nats/Padres affair yesterday; was too busy watching the USGA’s version of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” where the rules are made up and the points don’t matter.

    The post-game accounts were fun to read, though, so I’ll summarize my reaction to them:

    Gio Gonzalez, imitating The People’s Front of Judea (or the Judean People’s Front; can never keep them straight): “The best ball hit today was the Rosales ball, and that’s it. Other than that, can’t do nothing about it. The [four] walks didn’t help. The two hit-by-pitches didn’t help. Other than that, I guess that’s it.” And your throwing error, Gio, can’t forget about that, but besides that, what have the Romans really done for us?

    Dusty, on Gio: “It just seems like he can’t stay out of one (bad) inning.” When I say “Gio gonna Gio”, it is to this that I’m referring.

    Dusty has finally admitted what’s been obvious to Nats’ watchers the last few days – Michael A. Taylor and Ben Revere are basically platooning in CF, with Taylor seeing more starts because he’s the right-handed hitter. Taylor was 4-4 yesterday with 2HRs and a double, showing some of the promise he showed during spring training, so this may not be a bad thing.

    Tonight, we get Strasburg v. Kershaw in Chavez Ravine, so I’ll have to get a nap in beforehand so I can stay up and watch.

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  4. Bryzzo was not the only highlight in the Cubs-Pirates game, Prof. I don’t often get the opportunity to watch MLB games ‘live’ on the TV down here (and internet speeds are way too slow for decent video where I live). But I was lucky today to tune in just as Cubs rookie catcher Willson Contreras was announced as a pinch hitter in the sixth. After some extended applause from the crowd, and two pick-off attempts of the runner at 1st, Contreras then proceeded to hit the very first major league pitch he’d ever seen over the centre field wall at Wrigley, some 417 feet away.

    Needless to say, the crowd went nuts while Contreras nonchalantly circled the bases trying hard to look like that was something he did every day, but was duly mobbed and high-fived by his teammates back in the dugout, and with a curtain call to follow. Coming back to earth, he then got his gear on and headed for the bullpen to warm up some relievers. Fame can sometimes be so fleeting but he won’t ever forget that first at-bat.


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