Weekend Express – Recaps for 6/18/16

The quick and dirty.

Marlins 9, Rockies 6. Can’t wait to see what Gator says about this game.

Dodgers 10, Brewers 6

D’Backs 4, Phillies 1

Rangers 4, Cardinals 3. Texas with the sweep! Ian Desmond might be one of the most underrated players in baseball right now.

Braves 4, Mets 3

Cubs 4, Pirates 3. Rizzo with a home run. Bryant with a home run. Grandpa Ross with a home run! Your friendly neighborhood Prof was ecstatic.

Padres 7, Nationals 3. The Nats had this in the bag, and then the Artist Formally Known as BJ Upton happened.

Angels 7, A’s 1. Tim Lincecum gets a start for the first time in over a year, and gets the win. Congrats Timmy!

Red Sox 6, Mariners 2

Orioles 4, Blue Jays 2

Astros 5, Reds 4 – this went 11. Apparently they like the extra innings in Houston.

Indians 13, White Sox 2

Giants 6, Rays 4

Royals 16, Tigers 5. Ooof. Historio, tell your manager to stop trying to make Andrew Romine the Super Duperest Utility Player.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Recaps for 6/18/16

  1. Scherzer only managed to go six last night; high pitch count and the situation had him lifted for a pinch hitter in 7th, but that pinch hitter (Rendon) did his job and put the Nats in front 2-1. Matt Belisle pitched a clean 7th, and the Nats got another run in the 8th to go up 3-1, and then the call to the bullpen was made.

    I’m sure Dusty didn’t say “Once more into the breach, dear friend, once more”, but the Felipe Rivero who has been pitching this month is not the same guy he was in April and May. He faced a total of six hitters last night, and every single one of them reached, bringing his numbers for June to something like 17 baserunners out of 31 batters faced. Solid single, bloop single, walk, bloop double, intentional walk, and it’s 3-3, bases loaded, and still nobody out. Next is a comebacker to Rivero, possible double play, but he bobbles it and then throws one home that’s high and outside and Ramos can’t catch it, and now it’s 4-3 and Rivero’s headed to the showers.

    Blake Treinen was summoned next, but he’d thrown 42 pitches in appearances the previous two nights, and he gave up a walk and a single before getting a DP and a pop up, and the damage was done.

    I’m just a little worried about this bullpen right now. The Padres brought in Fernando Rodney to pitch the ninth, even though it wasn’t a save situation. I wonder if it might’ve been an audition to see if they could entice the Nats into a panic trade or something, but I don’t think Rizzo’s desperate yet. The Nats just need some of their kids in the bullpen to settle down and pitch like vets, and they should be able to weather Papelbon’s outage.


    • Ye had not long to wait, Scoutster – except that this was the ninth day so things took a bit longer than usual.

      The ninth day? I hear you cry. No, ’tain’t no Satanic thing. It’s just that every nine days I make up a big batch of chicken broth, livers, hearts and gizzards as a daily supplement to the dry feed we foist upon the Four Houndlings of the Apocalypse. The pot we have dedicated to this sacramental purpose holds exactly enough liquid and rendered entrails to fill eighteen quart containers, two per day (Trump supporters! Remove your socks and use your toes as well in order to do the math). You can count on the measure. It’s kinda like the wristwatch Roy Scheider uses to check his sanity in Blue Thunder.

      Anyway, the artillery duel last night between the Feesh and the Rocky Mountain Oysters. Wei-Yin Chen couldn’t get himself out of the third inning and turned in a start whose quality I could only compare to Pulgasari.


      Yeah, Pulgasari. That’s a 1985 North Korean monster movie to make which Kim Jong Il, rotten with kaiju envy (which has many aspects in common with the Freudian complex it sounds like) ackcherley kidnapped a South Korean movie director:

      And Ren, no, this one didn’t feature any poetic closing soliloquies so you’re not missing anything. It’s about as bad as you’d figure a People’s Knockoff of Godzilla would be. Monster movies made by anyone else besides Ed Wood Jr. don’t get much worse.

      Neither do starts. Chen couldn’t have thrown a pea past Homer’s queer cyclops last night.

      Homer’s queer cyclops?

      Yeah. Surely you’ve heard of Polyphemus perversity?

      Anyway, Chen came into the game with his jaw set like he was wearing one of those anti-snore mouthpieces, clearly determined not to surrender another home run (he had burped up seven of them in his last two starts). You could see him psyching himself to the task as the curtain rose in the top of the third, muttering “나는 홈런 을 포기 하지 않을 것이다, 나는 홈런 을 포기 하지 않을 것이다, 나는 홈런 을 포기 하지 않을 것이다 without fear that the spotters would phone his thoughts back to the Oysters dugout. And he was true to his convictions. Instead, the Rocky Mountain Oysters scored six runs on a farrago of singles, doubles and bases loaded walks.

      So much for Pulgasari Bobblehead Day in Pyongyang, which, completely by coincidence, coincided with Chen’s start.

      Enter the heroic Feesh boolpen which, like the three hundred Spartans, minus two hunnert n’ ninety five, pinned the Oysters’ pearls back for the next six innings while the Rainbow Warriors pounded out nine runs on seventeen hits including a pair of home runs by Realmuto and Bour (you would have thought the Feesh were facing their own starter!) en route to a 9-6 victory and tightened their grip on third place in the NL East. The Iron Giant has been clawing his way out of his long slump, punching three singles and scoring two runs last night to haul his galvanized arse clear of the Mendoza Line. At 36-32, they find themselves a mere half game back of the fading Mutts for second place, and now sit at four games beyond the gossamer reality waves of the strange attractor, which represents their apogetical reach so far this season.

      As Tom Koehler faces the Thin Airsmen today for the annual Father’s Day spermataganza, the big question is: can the Feesh break through at last to five games over the strange attractor and achieve gravitational liberty at last? The answer lies in the future! Our fears for now have gone up in…uh…um…

      Wrong movie. Sorry.


  2. BTW G, they are pining for you over there on the dark pool. Vin Scully & Mulder commented on air about how bad socialism is. Of course the dimwit crew pounced on the blog writer’s observations about Meester Scully’s statements.The faithful were hoping for an intervention by you and a bloody battle. Word!

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    • Socialism in the States is in a bad way when an atavistic codger like Bernie Sanders, with his third grade grasp of macro-economics and his overweening ego, is its primary exponent. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that out there amongst his legion of angry white adolescents are the 21st Century Michael Harringtons to be the working theorists of a socialism truly adapted to American culture, the 21st Century Irving Howes to be its poets, the 21st Century Norman Thomases to be its warriors and proponents, and the 21st Century John Reeds to build the media networks to communicate it to the nation at large. I’m hoping that as a by-product of Sanders’ failed insurgency the next generation of socialist activists will be engendered. Without that kind of integrated, forward-thinking, radical intellectual and political superstructure, more opportunistic, egomaniacal Bernie Sanders types are about all we can hope for.

      As far as NBC, nope, done with it. Communicate my maledictions to those who deserve them for me. This is where I live at the moment.

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