Weekend Express – Recaps for 6/17/16 Games

Time to make the donuts.

Cubs 6, Pirates 0.

Diamondbacks 10, Phillies 2. Yikes. Talk about snake bit.

Yankees 8, Twins 2

Blue Jays 13, Orioles 3.  If Ubaldo was a horse, they would have shipped him off to a glue factory by now. Woof.

Mariners 8, Red Sox 4. Don’t look now, but Robinson Cano is coming through.

Marlins 5, Rockies 1

Giants 5, Rays 1

Rangers 1, Cardinals 0. Cole Hamels is still alive, you guys.

Indians 3, White Sox 2.

Royals 10, Tigers 3.

A’s 3, Angels 2.

Braves 5, Mets 1 – Braves won, but par for the course, a reliever got literally stuck inside the bullpen when the door wouldn’t open. Seems legit.

Reds 4, Astros 2 – this went 11.

Nationals 7, Padres 5.

Dodgers 3,  Brewers 2 – this went 10.

Tell us your thoughts below if you watched any of the games!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Express – Recaps for 6/17/16 Games

  1. The Feesh used five pitchers – Conley, Wittgren, Barraclough, Phelps and McGown – to cool the formerly hot (four straight wins) Rocky Mountain Oysters to the tune of one hit, and thereby stave orf a premature melting of the front range glaciers. Conley, channeling the spirit of El Keed who was being cryogenically preserved in the dugout, re-discovered the magic of tossing a scoreless first inning – getting to that third out of the game, Conley’s lately looked more like the tuna boat that ruined Godzilla’s nap. He’s had some rough outings recently but I really like this kid. Like the Iron Giant, he’s gonna be OK.

    Speaking of the Iron Giant, who has for most of late May and June so far been mired in a slump inspired by some of central Florida’s greatest Lexus-eating sinkholes, the big guy had two hits last night including a two run single in the bottom of the seventh, clawing his way back to the Mendoza Line.

    As usual, Ichiro was the blasting cap that set orf the Rainbow Warriors’ three-run explosion in that inning, opening the frame with a pinch hit single (that’s number 2980) and then, fleet as the yong sonne hath in the Ram his halve cours y-ronne, scoring from first on Martin Prado’s double.

    An unusually buxom crowd braved the toondersturms to show up and welcome home Ichiro, like Musashi Miyamoto coming ashore from Ganryu Island (the film of which, by the way, was made in 1956, the same year Godzilla was released in the USA, speaking of tuna boats, and Rodan was released in Japan – just some fodder for your cocktail parties tonight).

    Oh, and of course, for all of you who ackcherley know who your kids are, happy Father’s Day. Enjoy it before parthenogenesis makes it irrelevant.


  2. The Nats have used the same formula two nights in a row against the Padres:

    Let the Padres score in the first
    Answer in the top of the second
    Put up a big inning in the 3rd to take the lead
    Hang on for the win

    The last part of the strategy is necessitated by a bit of a tired bullpen, given long games and having played for 11 straight days, plus Papelbon’s DL stint has left the Nats trying to figure out roles right now. It looks like they’ve decided on Shawn Kelley for interim closer, but he wasn’t available last night, so Yusmiero Petit got the save, but they used four guys to pitch the last three innings.

    Scherzer goes tonight, and it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for this team to have him to go 8 or 9 to really allow the bullpen to refresh. I know that with a six game division lead this is all #firstWorldProblems right now, but as a fan, it is my sworn duty to find something to fret about.


  3. Two terrible starters and zero options. The O’s are in big trouble. There isn’t much of a farm to trade and the market is pretty bare. Although Gonzalez isn’t having a great season he’d still be a improvement at the moment and we are really hurting his release.


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