The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

Today’s edition of the Snack is all about sweet stuff that happens in extra innings.

Guys. YOU GUYS. Something awesome happened in Braves Country and I AM EXCITE (as the kids would say).


freddie hug 2

Hugs for everyone!

MY BOY! I love you, Freddie!!! How big of a deal is this? Well…

Freddie, Hugmaster Supreme, has done something that Chipper Jones, Dale Murphy, or even Henry Aaron hasn’t done in a Braves uniform. Folks, this is why the Braves keep this guy around. We loved Simmons and Kimbrel and Heyward, but Freddie is the heart and soul of this team and there is a reason why the Atlanta front office won’t consider getting rid of him. Mostly because those of us in the Braves diaspora would march onto the Ted and demand the heads of Hart and Co. on a stick.

I’m so thankful for something positive coming from the Braves these days. Congrats Freddie!

In other news…Jayson Werth is still aiming for that number one troll spot. This time, he’s endeared himself to a bunch of salty people and reminded people why he was so beloved in Philadelphia for so long.

Guys, that caveman is something else. I prefer the clean shaven, glasses wearing Werth from his younger days (just Google it). Of course I would, I have a type, and that type is super nerdy.

grinchy puss

Y’all all know, I don’t even have to say.

Finally, in summer league action, my favorite non-pro squad, the Worcester Bravehearts, had a delay of game today that was a bit unusual. A sun delay. A what?

The game was delayed because hitters and umpires alike were unable to see the ball to either hit the ball or even make calls.

All of these games were played in extra innings. Man, I love free baseball, don’t you?

7 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

  1. Speaking of hug life, Cameron Maybin is a hugger and has introduced hugging to the Tigers team interactions. They OF used to bump each other and everyone do these complicated handshakes at the end of games — now, they awkwardly hug. It cracks me up. I just know Maybin walks up to the guys and says “gimme some love” all the time and they have to hug. he he

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