Goodbye to a Friend

Inda has decided to resign from the blog at the time being. Her reasons are her own, and we respect her decision.

Inda is a wonderful friend and excellent writer, and we wish her well in her future.

The door is always open, and you will be missed.

20 thoughts on “Goodbye to a Friend

    • Thanks, doc. Just a lot on my plate, and bigger fish to fry, and I have catch the fish, filet it, remove the innards, dust up… Okay, I am milking the metaphor to death.

      If you ever move back out to Tampa Bay, and you need to hire a nurse, I will be hurt if you don’t contact me first. 🙂


  1. Thank you, guys. I really had a great time writing for you, and it was, selfishly, a great outlet for me. You are truly a special bunch of people. I have something much bigger than baseball on my mind now and my soul will not be at peace until it gets accomplished. Never again, I promised. We are Orlando.

    Watch the game tonight. It should be a good match-up if Archer can solve his 1st inning problems–Samardzija vs. Archer. Yes, the Trop is ugly, no doubt, but they are taking off the tarp, and when you get 40,000 people in there (of course, it’s a sell-out), that place rocks like no other stadium I have ever seen. Party electric. I will be the fool yelling the loudest in section 307 with her best friends.

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  2. If you find the time and feel the need, I hope you pop into the comments section from time to time. Coming here helped keep me going when I was going through my son’s issues, If you’re going through a tough time I’m sure that everyone here stands ready to do the same for you. Remember, we talk about everything here, including baseball.


    • I am fine, twinsfan, but thank you for your concern. I am one tough bitch. Yes, I will still visit. I still love you guys.

      I am trying to save the world, don’t you know?. It’s tough to do that and write about baseball. 🙂 Something had to give.


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