Colorado Cuts Jose Reyes Following Reinstatement

Is your team looking for a decent hitting shortstop with a very large black cloud following him?  Well, then, you may be in luck!  The Colorado Rockies have designated Jose Reyes for assignment following the end of his 14 day rehabilitation assignment that followed the end suspension by Major League Baseball for violating the Domestic Violence Policy.  If no team claims Reyes, or the Rockies are unable to trade him, the Rockies will be responsible for the remainder of his contract, a whopping $41 million dollars.

“Jose is still a very talented player,” Rockies general manager Jeff Bridich said. “There is a little bit of time to figure out that exactly means in terms of his true exit. We’ll see what happens.”

Bridich said a couple of teams expressed interest in Reyes, but “nothing truly serious ever materialized.”

I’d have a hard time seeing any team trade for him, or placing a waiver claim on Reyes at this point, but I’m almost certain some team will offer him a minor league contract in an attempt to wait out any negative PR that will inevitably result in his signing.  Reyes, 33, is a lifetime .290/.339./431/.770 hitter who has yet to show any major sign of decline and will be a temptation for a team looking for an additional bat to put them over the top in the playoff push.

4 thoughts on “Colorado Cuts Jose Reyes Following Reinstatement

  1. Before the Tulo trade last season, Reyes was showing definite signs of decline defensively. Maybe not so much with the bat, but he was very much a defensive liability for the Jays in the first half of 2015.

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  2. Eh, that 80 wRC+ last year sure looks like a major sign of decline. He’s also played 150 games once since 2008. I think somebody will take a flyer on him too, but it might not be this year.

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  3. Hell, the Razed unapologetically took a rapist. Comparatively speaking, a mere wife beater would be a step in the right direction.


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