The Midnight Snack – Monday

Hello, fam.

I say that a lot, but I mean it. There are times when we might disagree, and there are times when we may cut each other to the quick, but deep in the heart of it all, I care about all of you. Some of you are among my closest friends. Some I care about very deeply, and you all know who you are.

These are trying times for us all. Things are sometimes bleak, and frightening, and I struggle to stay positive and happy more often than not. But my goodness, I have to keep doing it. I can’t drown in the negativity that threatens to swallow us, and I won’t allow it to swallow you all, too. This is why I try to bring you the lighter side of things, because this life is so hard if we focus on only the bad stuff.

One of my favorite songs says it best – baby, I’m just human. Don’t you know I’ve got faults just like everyone. I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood. I know the written word, the blogging medium, can be a difficult one to sometimes bare one’s soul, but I do hope that you can all see my heart for you all, a gift given freely out of love. Because we are family in a way. Dysfunctional, a bit wild, but yeah. Family, knit together out of love for baseball, a sense of community, and bonds of friendship.

When the world shoves hate and ugliness in our faces, threatens to break our hearts, and generally pulls out the green seedlings of beauty from amongst us, that’s when we fight back. That’s when we band together. Don’t let the bastards win. I choose to fight on, I choose to look to a better place.

One of our greatest poets being sung by one of the finest treasures of the universe. Makes me feel better. I hope it makes you feel a little happier, too.

So let’s have some fun. Okay? Okay!

A HUGE h/t to our pal @someguyinva for this awesome story.

What’s this? Erstwhile GEICO Caveman surrogate Jayson Werth just referred to a teammate as the DC Strangler? Why…who in the world could he mean?


Jayson Werth is aiming for that number one troll spot. I love it. This is amazing. Give me more of this, I require it, like Tron Moses requires macaroni pictures. (Please tell me you get that. Please.)

And speaking of Bryce Harper… Royce wears a bracelet most of the time, a beaded bracelet. Generally it’s clearish beads with a black bead, sometimes it’s different depending. Once I believe he wore a pink one for mother’s day.

Today he wore this.

Now, this bracelet was for the Make a Wish Foundation but I want to believe. My inner Fox Mulder is showing. I can’t believe this is a coincidence.

Forever props to you, Bryce Harper.

4 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Monday

  1. My dear, keep on keeping on! Your midnight post is something that I look forward to and you girls are the constant bloggers who helped our fearless leader build up to the following we now have. Speaking of which, WE, ( meaning I) need a new post about visitors and statistics on the readership.

    I mean, my stupid replies don’t write themselves and it would be a fucking shame if only sixteen people read my poorly formatted, grammar deficient, vulgar display of incompetence wasn’t reaching the desired audience that this place needs. I kinda think that we need the stupidest commenters to bring the bell curve down to balance out the Old Gator posts. Too bad his rooting interest is for such a fucking shitty team owned by a world class walking, talking festering wound on my favorite sport.

    Embrace the D fucking H OG! With a DH your team would probably be in the fucking position to compete! Bartolo Colon ain’t walking through the door ( unless he is going to a strip club) and you are in a position to be real good with a no field slugger.

    Anyway I hope that you have a new apartment with nice roommates and a great job. You deserve it and you are WHY we can “SOMETIMES” have nice things! However, if your roommate is named Dave but wants to be called David then you can legally have him kicked out after you set him on fire….true story. I haven’t talked to my step brother in 20 years but at least he knows WHY!

    Love you all and you are ALL my family, so I know where you are coming from. Thanks for all you do, thanks for all Johanna and Historio and Francisco and everyone one else does. It keeps me sane and it frees up time not having to go into your respective dumpsters stalking you all. Anyway, Inda…..your cat’s pregnant but before you blame me…..she WAS asking for it and a purple collar just invited bestiality. I’m just a simple man who likes to have sexy times with felines and if the women who I obsessed over don’t think that they need their cat knocked up…then stop making sexy collars!

    It’s not rocket surgery, smarten the fuck up. How can I live in your attic silently whilst your gorgeous Siamese flaunts her sexuality in front of my myriad of cameras that I hard wired? For fucks sake, won’t ANYONE think of the trespassing creepy dude who has romantic relationships with your pets because he’s afraid of speaking to human non furries who lives in your attic get cut a fucking break? Otherwise, I love the way you snore Inda. Haha


    • Alrighty, then!

      Scout, you know that the blog has made the big time when we can boast our very own in-house stalker.

      Slappy, your often profane stream-of-consciousness rants are a perfect foil for Old Gator’s high falutin’ word salad posts.

      Well done!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “LOVE DOES NOT WIN UNLESS WE START LOVING EACH OTHER EACH OTHER ENOUGH TO FIX OUR FUCKING PROBLEM.” Like Samantha Bee, I am too fucking angry for love is love. Yes,love is love, but we have to do more than just spout some well meaning words. If any of you really mean that, do something. Don’t just say some well meaning words. Get off your butt and do something. Don’t let this happen again. You know what needs to be done. Lobby your politicians for some common sense laws that restrict access to assault weapons, more intense background checks, bring down politicians who accept blood money, the NRA’s. I have a serious case of don’t-give-a-fuckitis. If you do nothing, you have blood on your hands too.

    Yes, I want to take your assault weapons away. There is no reason to own this weapon. You are going to hunt a deer with that shit? Stop a government takeover? I guess you aren’t aware the gov’t has nuclear weapons? If they wanted a takeover your weapons and tiny brain isn’t going to stop anything.


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