I Can’t Talk Baseball Today

I had been having a busy week, what with two writing commissions and a couple of lectures to prepare for my trip to Germany next week. Last night, the Feesh took on the Snakes in Sunstroke Valley and El Keed had been perfect for six and two thirds when the dome caved in. With an interesting game to discuss, I made some notes and went to sleep, meaning to write the game story and catch up on the past week’s play. Then I awakened to the horrible news out of Orlando, and last night’s fiasco in Phoenix consigned itself to irrelevance.

Once again, the terminal insanity of permitting the uncontrolled sale of assault weapons to private citizens with no need for them made itself brutally obvious – weapons the likes of which hadn’t even been imagined when our founding fathers penned the Second Amendment, “sacred” to the thugs and simians who think that somehow our fundamental freedoms would be impaired if their beloved automatic rifles were removed from the streets. Even though this particular lunatic worked as a security guard and consultant and would have had access to such weapons as a professional, that doesn’t change the fact that our streets are awash with automatic and semiautomatic weapons.

Then, even worse, it turned out that the murderer was an American Muslim, a sole lunatic whose actions will only hand Donald Trump more, if you’ll pardon the word, ammunition for his campaign of bigotry against an entire faith. It couldn’t be more sickening.

Who we elect this Fall will make an enormous difference in what kind of justices we add to the Supreme Court. Don’t wast your votes on write-ins or fringe candidates. This madness needs to be stopped.




8 thoughts on “I Can’t Talk Baseball Today

  1. Tragically, the event comes on the heels of the 9th Circuit’s ruling that you aren’t entitled to carry a gun outside your home. If only we could reject those stupid stand-your-ground principles and follow that ruling to reduce access to guns.


  2. I don’t think this will help Trump because, although the killer is Muslim, according to his father his primary motive was homophobia not some ISIS related crap. I was actually relieved to hear that and was disappointed that he wasn’t a Christian fundamentalist homophobe instead of a Muslim one. Isn’t that in itself sickening, preferring one type of evil over the other because the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party is an existential threat to the continuance of our democracy.

    I agree that the 2nd amendment is an 18th century anachronism that didn’t envisage fire arms that can spray bullets like a garden hose, but even if Trump was pro gun control (actually we can only guess what he really thinks or if he has ever bothered to think about it at all since this is one of the many issues where he has contradicted himself) and Hillary was anti gun control, I would still have to vote for Hillary.


    • Apparently this sick bastard called 911 a few minutes before he began his attack to declare that he was a follower of Al-Baghdadi and ISIS. That, however, seems more like some last minute spasm of spite and hate meant to exaggerate the effect of what he planned to do; his family says he wasn’t particularly religious or political, although he seems to have been downolading ISIS propaganda over the past few months. He was also recently divorced, and apparently stressed out, so his ISIS hobby may have been a response to getting dumped (or she may have dumped him as he got crazier). Who knows? Just a sick case all around.

      Update: the kiler’s wife says he beat her repeatedly and was highly unstable. She left him because she feared he was coming apart at the seams. She also said that the massacre wasn’t about ISIS or religion, but because of her ex’s mental illnesses.

      Update II: as I feared, Donald Trump – whose face illustrates the Webster’s definition of “sickening” – is taking a victory lap for having “predicted” the massacre, and blaming it all on “Muslim immigration.” He makes me want to puke.

      I really fear the backlash. This time, I think there are going to be some ugly acts of reciprocal violence.

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      • Oh God I didn’t know about all that.

        What can’t happen here is happening here. I wonder if what I’m feeling right now is the same as what my parents and grandparents felt when they first heard about Pearl Harbor, with the exception that instead of coming together to face an outside mortal threat, we’re flying apart in the face of an internal mortal threat.


    • It likely was a semi auto, not automatic. Full auto machine guns are only allowed in the United States under very strict guidelines. For example you may collect them but the full auto function must be disabled, or you can rent one at a gun range and then you are under very close supervision. Nobody is roaming the streets with automatic machine guns. That’s only for the Government and in the movies.


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