“Japanese Plant Seeds of Baseball Throughout Africa”

“They have helped create leagues in Burkina Faso and Tanzania, and the Japanese government paid for new fields in Ghana and Uganda. African coaches and top players visit Japan for training. A few Africans have earned spots on teams in Japan’s independent leagues.”

(More can be seen here, truly a great read.)

Actual video of em teaching kids can be seen here in the video below. Shinya Tomonori, with the jersey number 30… created the Association for Friends of African Baseball, which has raised more than 200,000 USD in the last 13 years to help pay the equipment and travel fees for their Baseball cause.

(“Catch-ball of Joy and Love”, or so as they say.)

Sanfo Lassina, 18, becoming the first player from Africa to play Baseball in Japan.

Sanfo Lassina, 18 yrs of age, from Burkina, Faso, West Africa… who played previously in one of their leagues… is now a position player (infielder) for the Independent League team Kochi Fighting Dogs in Japan, becoming one of the first players coming from the African continent to play Baseball in their country… although Baseball may be still well behind other sports in their country, such as soccer and etc… The sport is indeed growing, and people are now very well aware that this magnificent sport is being played in their country. Just as the saying goes, “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”… Introducing the sport they always play, and love… to a country not knowing anything about it… now plays it, because of one’s hard work to make it well known.

I’m kinda going off-base here but, Africa isn’t the only country, though… You can see some of the other countries here they are helping develop Baseball, making it well known (Note: list here ain’t complete… Thailand and Myanmar are said to be part of it as well, I can’t find a freaking video of it).

(Japan-Nepal joint Baseball foundation, via Media Nepal TV…)

(And, of course… our country, the Philippines, is too part of it.)

As a Baseball fan myself who wants to see this wonderful sport grow, not only here in our country, but also throughout the world who still doesn’t know anything about Baseball… I’m really happy, to see that they are doing this, to make this sport known… to boundaries haven’t touched before.

One thought on ““Japanese Plant Seeds of Baseball Throughout Africa”

  1. Of course MLB will not will not invest anywhere where it does not see the possibility of a MLB ready player coming out of in the next 1 – 5 years. I hope to live long enough to hear about the Twins calling up their Nigerian fire baller, but I don’t think I will so I leave that to you, Live long do good young friend.

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