Blaine Hardy’s Mustache Is Garbage

Tiger’s reliever Blaine Hardy isn’t a bad looking guy. He’s not hot, but he’s okay. He’s got kind of a baby face, which is probably why he started growing facial hair in the first place. He used to do the little mustache-goatee combo and it wasn’t bad. Lately, however, he’s switched to a straight up 70’s mustache. Look at this BS.

Can you blame Beautiful Brad for turning his back on that?

I actually couldn’t find a very good picture of just the mustache. Apparently, it’s such garbage that no one wants to memorialize it.  In other words, it makes you go:


Watching the game the other night, I was trying to figure out who Hardy reminds me of with the ‘stache, and it finally came to me: he looks like John Hodgman when he tried to grow a fat caterpillar. Same principle.



Tell me this isn’t the most garbage mustache in baseball today.



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