The Midnight Snack – Prof’s Happy Place Edition

Tonight was the first round of the MLB Draft.

Dare I say it? The Braves… didn’t screw things up?

Just this alone is enough to make me happy – one of the Braves’ draft picks has this as his pinned tweet – it’s him actually pimping his own bat flip.



Also, Kyle Muller was the National Player of the Year last year. So there’s that, too. BUT AWESOME BAT FLIP, SON.

They also picked up a hard hitting catcher from Cal, Brett Cumberland.


Finally, they got some legit pitching prospects, including Ian Anderson, who doesn’t suck.

Can I say that I’m thrilled? Yes, yes I can say it.

Finally, the Twins picked up a kid from my neck of the woods.

Verona High School is about 30 miles away from where I live. Sleepy little town, bedroom community of Madison, home of a huge software company and lousy school administrators. I don’t get very political or social very often, but dammit. That kind of stuff makes me upset. #LetNoahWalk.

Anyway. Have a great night, guys.

9 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Prof’s Happy Place Edition

  1. Fucking asshole administrators. My dad didn’t have his last class finished for high school, needed to take a summer physics course. They let him walk. I didn’t finish my last class for college, took me over two years to go back and get it done. They let me walk. This kid is going to have it done in two weeks. Give him an empty box, let him walk with his classmates, and give him the diploma when he completes his requirements. This isn’t fucking rocket science.


  2. Don’t worry. When Rordtvedt comes home to visit we’ll load him up with lutefisk. Lutefisk au gratin, think of the possibilities.

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      1. Yeah like Culvers (butter burnt burgers) and the Hudson (close to the just over the state line open on Sunday liquor store) KFC buffet (lazy cheese head cook the bird up too early and let it try out on the buffet line) doesn’t suck too.


        1. Well, I wouldn’t know about that. And I pretty much only eat the fish sandwich at Culver’s, except for turtle sundaes. Remember, I’m not a Midwestern gal, so a lot of the food traditions are odd to me if not unappetizing. However, I am assured by many people that I know here in Cheeselandia that okra and black eyed peas are disgusting, too. I don’t think so, but that’s why the world is a great place.


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