Former WhiteSox slugger Dayan Viciedo crushes a moonshot, Outfield seat destroyed

(Must watch video, Dayan Viciedo’s monster shot in Japan.)

Former Whitesox slugger, Dayan Viciedo (ダヤン・ビシエド), 27 years of age… Just crushed a big one for his 15th homer of the season, playing against the Orix Buffaloes just a couple of days ago here at Kyocera Dome… on the first pitch Viciedo sees, he unleashes a solo homerun off Buffaloes southpaw Matsuba Takahiro’s 140 kph fastball at the top of the 4th inning, sending it to left-center field… way, way up to Deck-5 second row seats, the uppermost level seats in the stadium, also BREAKING one of the outfield seats in that area… the estimated distance of the homerun was said to be around 135 meters, on what could be the longest/farthest ever homerun hit there in Kyocera Dome history (opened in March 1st, year 1997).

The seat where Dayan Viciedo’s solo shot landed… Deck-5 LC outfield, row 2, seat number 661… now has a hole. (Photo taken via: JP Daily sports)

Dayan Viciedo is currently on an offensive roll playing in Japan right now, now with 16 homeruns (one was just hit recently) and 46 RBI’s in 61 games played. Owning a batting average of .293, a slugging percentage of .560, and an OBP of .378 this season… With 16 homeruns hit this season, Viciedo is so far standing at second place in that category in the Central League, just behind 23 year old young slugger Tetsuto Yamada (山田 哲人) with 19 homers… In slugging, Viciedo is tied with Wladimir Balentien for 5th place with .560… In OBP, he’s tied with Hiroshima Toyo Carp 1B Arai Takahiro (新井 貴浩) for 8th place with .378… This is truly an awesome season Dayan Viciedo is having.

ダヤン・ビシエド, 推定飛距離 135m (443 ft) メートルの豪弾で、ドーム職員によると観客席の椅子が壊れたという… 交流戦 中日1―2オリックス.

5 thoughts on “Former WhiteSox slugger Dayan Viciedo crushes a moonshot, Outfield seat destroyed

  1. Reminds me a bit of the Iron Giant’s laser shot that broke the left field scoreboard at Macondo Banana Massacre Field a few years back.

    FYI the Kyocera Dome, located in downtown Osaka (“Making money?”), is definitely one of the coolest, if not the coolest, baseball venues on our little blue planet. For your delectation, here it be:

    And here’s a photo of the architect, with his original inspiration for it:

    Don’t forget that the Japanese eat this stuff, too.

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