The Midnight Snack – Wednesday

‘sup peeps? What’s something I really love? Yes, mascots are one of those things. People who hardcore troll. Bobbleheads. Greg Maddux. We’re talking about some of these things tonight in our Snack.

Where Eagles Dare:  Look at this majestic bobble.

Sadly, Greg Bird is injured and will be out for the count for goodness knows how long, but this bobblehead is some kind of sweet, am I right? I demand that Greg Bird flies into player introductions on the back of a huge eagle from now on.

Big Game Lame:  I have a friend who calls James Shields “Lame Shields”. I always thought that was cold blooded, but she has a point. Perhaps the White Sox faithful will be calling him by this unfortunate nickname due to his very first outing with the team.

Shields, who was recently traded to Chicago from the San Diego Padres, was booed off the field, literally. The boos actually started in the first inning. Shields allowed seven runs, including three home runs in two innings. In fact, it took him 79 pitches to get through two innings. 79 pitches!?!? Greg Maddux has pitched entire games with less, and Shields can barely get through two innings. (PS: Congrats, Chase, on your first win with the Hoppers. Here’s to many more.)



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