Update:Machado/Ventura Suspensions Announced

Excuse my hurried post, but I just downloaded a four day trial of Rocket League and I can certainly see the appeal. Look ma!  I scored a goal!  Speaking of appeals (I’m so good at this), Manny Machado is in the lineup for tonight, so it would appear that he’s officially appealing his suspension, which according to reports 4 game long.


The length of the suspension does indeed make a statement considering Rougned Odor recently received a much longer suspension for punching Jose Bautista.  So far no suspension for Yordano Ventura has been leaked/announced.  Suspensions are typically, but not always reduced on appeal.

Update: It appears that Ventura’s suspension has been announced, and it’s much lower than most people were expecting.

Remember that 9 games for a starting pitcher is basically 1 game.  So, um, nice message there MLB.  What will you do the next time Ventura decides to intentionally plunk a guy with a 99 mph fastball?

10 thoughts on “Update:Machado/Ventura Suspensions Announced

    1. That’s what I was trying to find out, because 9 games means 1 start (someone on HBT calculated % of season for Machado based on probable number of games played and % of Venturas Season based on number of probable starts) but the calculus changes if Ventura is docked 9 games worth of pay vs Machados 4 games worth.

      Of course if you still get paid while suspended in this fashion then it’s not a factor.


  1. The Royals should be without Ventura for a couple starts at least since they haven’t done anything about him before. They need to feel a little more pressure too.

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  2. Ventura should be punched in the fucking dick by anyone on his team who’s batting average is 260 or has more than 8 homeruns! He’s not getting a 99 mph fastball in the fucking ribs. Why should he get to plunk anybody because he’s having a fucking bad day? Believe me, I couldn’t murder more than three people who pissed me off at a fucking wedding. I would ONLY throw at their fucking heads if I can kill them, so I’m taking the job seriously.

    I hope that he gets super- crabs and he dies from it. Believe me friends, you don’t want it. It’s almost as bad as super- herpes and it took me a fucking month to tell everyone I didn’t have it! After all the ladies I touched contracted my disease, I just keep telling them that it prevents autism! Luckily I get pretty stupid people to agree with me.

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      1. You know what’s fucking funny, I only remember this post because you replied to it. Anyway…..I had super crabs once, our tour bus used to buy bottles of “RID” by the six-pack because everyone but ME had standards! I’m gonna be home after a two week 6 state tour in a modified 79 greyhound bus, going home to the mother of my children! For me to cheat on her would have to be SUCH A FUCKING POSITIVE UPGRADE that it was inconceivable to me. However, I did meet my first wife on tour in England and we hit it off and I changed my ways.

        The ” funny” part is that she cheated on me and that’s why we divorced. My beloved partner now… cheated on me 15 years ago and while I understand why, I grew more cynical. While I am doing a meaningless tour that will probably net me 4 grand for two fucking weeks but put me in the 60 thousand tax bracket like I am going to make double that a month! Yeah….we toured for four months total for the year. I “legally” made 21 grand from the year but I probably spent 150 thousand thinking….this will soon be couch change!😯

        August 17, 1998…..That’s the day the music died for old Slappy….
        That’s the day a 19 year old so blew me away during auditions that I actively rooted for this job stealing my easy audition where I had been in bands with four of the six members. The band never amounted to anything but tri-state constant gigs ( probably netting them 150 grand a year, which sounds great not including the drug costs, cost of living…etc. But it WAS my most triumphant victory but my most devastating loss!

        I had to advocate for a kid who was almost half my age, who was clearly MUCH,MUCH better than I was AND it was against my own former bandmates from many different groups that ALL I had to say was I accept!

        The job would have been mine, fuck the much more talented guy, but I had an epiphany at that moment and realized, though I have been in many bands and toured with many more and in all reality could start a band tomorrow with almost every band I have been in because they still love ME! I was a writer/ composer and music manager without anyone hating me.

        That’s my fucking legacy, I played in a thousand venues, for thousands of people for tens of accolades. If you don’t understand what I speak of, consider your current curriculum.I have been making music for almost thirty years and I have no enemies! Also I never cheated on either of my wives and that makes me a fucking super hero.

        All this goes to prove…You can be a decent failure. I am a morally cognizant foul mouthed, cynical, cat diddling, attic dweller with cameras but that doesn’t make me happy.
        What will make me forget that Trump may be president, what will finally stop all the speculative rumours and innuendo…..is……

        Double D’s right? I want you to be smart and big breasted.


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