The Midnight Snack – Tuesday

This post is inspired by Badhair and Slappy. Thanks for caring, fellas.

Grandest of Slams:  Women’s empowerment is something we take seriously around here. And while the ladies don’t usually play baseball with the boys right now, we’re able to play softball with passion and aggression.

My niece – who is my cuter, more athletic mini-me – is a star first baseman on her softball team. Considering that she nearly died at birth, the fact that she’s even able to play softball at all is a miracle. I’m not a huge softball fan, but she loves it, and so I’m always happy to see a great comeback story. Stories like this:

Watch this video. Look at the smile on Emily Carosone’s face when she realizes that she’s gone yard and the Tigers have come back for more.

Wascally Wabbit:  In my quest for a new home, I travelled to Maryland and toured apartments. You know who else was questing for greener pastures? This bunny rabbit.

The Memphis Redbirds (Cardinals  AAA team) were playing against the Iowa Cubs when this rabbit decided that his hutch wasn’t good enough and a baseball diamond was a better choice.

I feel you, bunny. Some people want a golf course home. This rabbit wants a baseball home. I just want a safe place with central air and off-street parking.

Badhair & Slappy wanted to know about my apartment hunting, and it was interesting. I haven’t had to look at a place in almost 10 years, so it was an adventure. One place was a sand castle built on lies! Everything about it was a bold face fib. Of course, I’m not going to live there. I’m 95% sure that I’ve decided where I’m going to end up renting. It has a fitness center, a pool, resident parking, mature trees on the property, and a location that’s not too far from where one of my best friends lives, so that’s good.

Maybe that rabbit was hopping away from the skeezy townhome that I toured last week. If so, I don’t blame him.

Have a great evening, F.I. fam!

h/t to Scout for the Auburn info.

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