Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

A little excitement in tonight’s ball game as the Orioles faced off against the Royals in Baltimore.  In the 5th inning of tonight’s game, Yordano Ventura threw at Manny Machado, who responded by charging the mound and landing a few punches before order was restored.  Both Machado and Ventura were ejected, and it will be interesting to see what penalties are assessed in a few days once MLB has a good look at the video.

Machado and Ventura exchanged words in the previous at bat after Ventura threw too close to Machado for his liking.

Neither manager were ejected, however warnings were issued.  The Orioles cannot afford to lose Machado for any length of time with J.J. Hardy still on the disabled list.  Ventua has a history of instigating fights especially when his performance wains, and the Orioles have had prior history with the Royals last year when the Royals hit Chris Davis in the midst of a two grand slam 8th inning.  Ventura also has a history of beaning both Davis and Machado in a game last year on September the 12th.  The Orioles responded to the fight by hitting back to back home runs by Mark Trumbo and Chris Davis taking the game to 8-1.

I will update as more information and better embedded video becomes available.  This is yet another example of MLB failing by allowing the players to police themselves.  Certainly not a wise decision by either player, and Machado will have to deal with further scrutiny after his incident a few years ago with Josh Donaldson.

The Orioles and Royals face off again tomorrow.

Post game comments by Buck Showalter:

I’m not happy about it at all.  Frankly I thought he was trying to hit him the pitch before.  That’s why I talked to him [Machado] before he took his last at bat.  I think he shook the breaking ball and threw a fastball.

But It’s not the first time.  Obviously it’s something that must be okay, because he [Ventura] continues to do it, it must be condoned.

When asked if he was disappointed in Manny’s reaction.


When asked about what he said to Manny before the at bat if he was trying to preempt anything.

No.  I wanted him to be aware, so he wouldn’t be ambushed up there.  I felt like the other guy had something else on his mind. Wanted him to be aware of it.

When asked if he was concerned about retaliation tomorrow.

Bring it on.  Whatever.  Bring it on.  We’ll handle it.  You try not to let one person’s actions speak for a lot of people, but this has been going on for a while with him.


20 thoughts on “Updated: Manny Machado Charges Mound After HBP

  1. For the record, they were both wrong here. Ventura clearly threw at Machado, but Machado knows better than to charge the mound and will really hurt his team here. I get him being upset, but you can’t solve it by throwing punches. I will say the gif of Machado landing the punch will be interesting as he really got Ventua good. I would expect a long vacation for both players, but knowing MLB, they will punish the guy who threw the fight worse than the guy who instigated. This will not help either players’ images and really looks bad for Machado in the midst of a MVP season.


    1. Ventura really needs to take a time-off to… ya know, calm himself down a bit. Like doing Yoga, yeah! Yoga exercises daily will probably calm himself down.

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  2. When my buddy texted me that Ventura hit Machado, my first questions was: did he go all Odor on his ass?

    Ventura should be suspended for a long time. He’s an unrepentant instigator. He’s done this crap with the Jays, and the Tigers and the Orioles — even before this. He doesn’t learn from the ejections. He needs some real punishment or he’s not going to change. Clearly, Yost won’t handle him and the Royals are okay with this crap. It’s BS.

    BTW, good work, Ventura. You got ejected and took the loss. I guess when you got nothing, throw hbp’s.

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        1. Either he does it on purpose, or he has a serious problem controlling his pitches. And if you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you.


  3. According to Yahoo Sports, the Royals have offered Ventura for trade a couple of times in the last year but there haven’t been any takers. Who can they dump him on now?


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