Fatt Albers Got Wheelz

albers_0Of all the SB Nation team blogs, South Side Sox is probably my favorite. Considering the three teams I follow most, I can’t bring myself to read much of the Braves or Cubs blogs. They just don’t have that special je ne sais quoi. SSS, on the other hand, in good times and bad, tend to keep the writing above average and the analysis top notch. The writers seem to take there squad just seriously enough not to come across whiney or St. Louis-y. Today, SSS has a hilarious step-by-step review of the Matt Albers takeover during the White Sox / Mets 13-inning affair yesterday afternoon.

In case you missed it, DeGrom dominated through seven innings with one earned run courtesy of a Todd Frazier solo shot. He also had a season high 10 strike outs. On the other side Miguel Gonzalez pitched five shaky but effective innings in front of a very good defense (three double plays turned). Gonzalez was followed by a platoon of badass Sox relievers who pwned Mets hitters the rest of the way.

But it was the 13th inning, where Albers entered by the grace of the gods, that things got interesting. Albers started the top of the 13th by pitching the 8th straight scoreless inning by Sox relievers. Then the bottom of the 13th arrived and Albers, again by the grace of the gods, lead off…I’ll leave the article to cover the rest…

MLB: JUL 19 Royals at White Sox
Here is Albers pretending the catcher is holding a dozen fresh doughnuts.

How fast is Fatt? He topped 16mph according to Statcast (see video in link). Enough to total your car if you run into him at full speed.



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