Veteran Pitcher Grilli to Blue Jays

The Atlanta Braves have traded RHP Jason Grilli plus cash to the Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for RHP Sean Ratcliffe.

Grilli was used primarily as a closer for the Atlanta club. This year, he was in 21 games for the Braves with an ERA of 5.29, although last year Grilli was a serviceable, reliable pitcher for them. In his 14 year career, Grilli averages a 4.12 ERA.

Toronto gives up Ratcliffe, whom Baseball Reference has barely any information on. The right hander was a draft pick for the Blue Jays and has never cracked higher than A ball.

When asked about the reasoning why the Braves would give up Grilli for an unproven arm, John Coppolella had this to say:

[Puts on Braves cap] OK. That sounds fake, but, OK. [Takes Braves cap off]

6 thoughts on “Veteran Pitcher Grilli to Blue Jays

  1. Hey, for the price, Grilli comes dirt cheap. He’s been a pretty good reliever, especially during his 4 years in Pittsburgh, and still sports a damn good K/9 ratio. With the young arms in the Jays’ ‘pen, having a veteran like Grilli can only be a good thing, sort of like LaTroy Hawkins last year. Good pick up, IMO.


    1. You guys are getting the non-fuzzy end of the lollipop. The Braves relied heavily on Grilli last year and he did well for them, all things considered. They say he’s “struggling” this year but you must also consider that Atlanta used him as a closer, and they have barely had any had save opportunities, so of course he’s not going to have his A-Game because he’s rusty as heck.


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