Overseas Rumors (NPB, Hanshin Tigers edition): Al Albuqerque, Edward Mujica, Miguel Socolovich and Pedro Beato

(Source: media outlet via JP 2nnews.com)

Hanshin are looking to narrow out their options in June, four well known names in sight looking to bolster the teams’ bullpen staff.

The Hanshin Tigers are currently on the foreign market in search of new arms to bolster their bullpen staff this season, as former Major leaguers; current Tigers closer Marcos Mateo (currently in the DL due to right shoulder inflammation) and set-up man Rafael Dolis (currently in Ni-gun, or minors, due to performance issues) failing the teams’ expectations due to a combination of both injuries and struggles, the team has been forced to look for other options elsewhere…and that is looking for pitchers (relievers) overseas with Major League experience.

Hanshin is currently one man short of the required 70-man (as they only have 69 players for now in the active roster)… they are looking to sign one or two of the 4 names that are on their list of candidates… here are the list of names that they have on their radar, for now; Al Alburquerque (29, currently with the LA Angels organization), Edward Mujica (32, with the Phillies organization), Pedro Beato (29, with the Orioles organization) and lastly, Miguel Socolovich (29, with the St.Louis Cardinals organization). The team is hoping to narrow down their options some time this upcoming June.

Via link above, it certainly looks like the Hanshin Tigers are leaning more towards Phillies pitcher Edward Mujica, as they are impressed with his current track record he has shown throughout his years playing in the bigs, and 50 saves recorded (career high 37 saves playing for the Cardinals in year 2009)… calling it, “outstanding”… Miguel Socolovich is also close, cause other than his experience playing in the big leagues, and a handful in the minors… Socolovich also played for the NPB Central League based Hiroshima Toyo Carp in year 2013 as a reliever, posting an ERA of 0.29 in 11.1 innings pitched (though he didn’t last that long, as he was injured mostly in that year… and was released eventually by his team).

3 thoughts on “Overseas Rumors (NPB, Hanshin Tigers edition): Al Albuqerque, Edward Mujica, Miguel Socolovich and Pedro Beato

  1. How about Edwin Jackson and Jose Urethra? Perhaps pitching a few more feet above sea level would improve their numbers.

    Ah, but no – I can’t do that to Hanshin. It would be unkind. I think the Mujic Man would be a much better choice. I’m always upset when either Hanshin or Tokyo – the Beanbags and Borg of their league, respectively, and stewards of a great old rivalry – are placed at a disadvantage due to injuries. I love to keep track of their seasonal progress. I’d rather see the Tigers move to Fukushima than lumber them with a couple of Feesh buffoons.

    By the way, did I ever tell you about the time I saw the Giants beat the Tigers 1-0 in Tokyo (followed by a walk in the sublime imperial gardens next to the stadium), and then saw the Tigers beat the Giants 1-0 in Kansai about a week later (followed by a great night of jazz in a club in Osaka where some old friends from Macondo were playing)?

    I did?


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    • I have a feeling inside that Edwin Jackson will no doubt be a superstar in the NPB, if he plays there, that is. Would be awesome to see him in a Rakuten Eagles uni someday.


      • What could you possibly have so virulently against the Eagles? Did a harpy eagle mistake your dog for a monkey and snatch it out of your back yard or something?

        Remember: if Scrooge McLoria okays a trade of Jackson to Japan, you know something is horribly wrong.

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