Feesh Bounce Back, Nick Barves for a Sixth

Whelp, I guess the Rainbow Warriors’ cup of humiliation runneth over, because they finally decided to score going away and clipped the Barves 7-3. So doing, they fattened their record against Atlanta’s Finest to 1-5 behind Tom Koehler despite his usual five-pass performance, though this time he spread his freebies out over seven innings and change instead of his usual five or so: 7IP, 3H, 5BB, 2ER. Again, though, these were the Barves. For their part, the wimp wandsmen erupted, Tambora-like,  for 7 runs on 10 hits, including a dinger by Derek Dietrick filling in for the exiled Dee Gordon. Jar Jar Baseball, who had declared twice in the past three days “we didn’t play well enough to win,” now says “we played well enough to win.”

Casey Stengel, look out!

The Feesh continue to inhabit fourth place, and the Barves continue to occupy the friction layer. The strange attractor is taking the day orf to remember all those strange attractors who perished during some of the great Calculus 101 courses of the past decade.



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