So, What Did I Miss? Go Out and Have Some Fun Edition. (5/29/16)

Jays 10-Red Sox 9. The Blue Jays are on 4 game winning streak and shock the Sox. It’s funny; I was so angry at the Jays a couple of weeks ago, but I am genuinely happy they are beating the Sox. Eh, I guess I do kind of like some of their fans and my like for some of their players is genuine–Donaldson, Stroman, Encarnacion. I respect Bautista even though he rubs me completely the wrong way. I met someone who knows him well (Dunedin has a lot of Blue Jays folks) and he told me he is not a bad guy. Just way too intense.

This is Canada’s actual national anthem, eh?

Dodgers 9-Mets 1. I have no idea what the Mets have against Chase Utley. None at all. Can someone please refresh my memory? I take Topamax as a migraine prophylactic and it makes me very forgetful. All I know is Utley has a beautiful head of hair and he helps out animals.

Son of Odin, you can do better than that.

Athletics 12-Tigers 3. A 17 hit attack. The Tigers bullpen did what it does. Bleed runs. No mercy rule in baseball. The A’s held a players only meeting Friday night where they came up with the following:

“The veterans talked to us a little bit and reminded us that we should believe in ourselves,” Davis said. “And to just know the guys are going to get the job done.”

Yes, that sounds like a good philosophy.

I need to get breakfast started for a bunch of kids, so you guys are gonna have to finish this recap, and please let me know what happened. I think my Rays won, but I am not even sure how they won. What’s that aboot? I was busy having fun with some kids yesterday at the pool. I’ll bring a radio and listen to the game today.

Have yourselves a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

8 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Go Out and Have Some Fun Edition. (5/29/16)

  1. Psst psst, The Twins have won three in a row and the Braves have screamed into a tied with them for the worst record in all of baseball land.


  2. SomeWifeInVA has commented frequently over the years that I’m given to spending a relative eternity in the bathroom from time to time. Last night, I was badly in need of a shower, and so I walked away from the telecast of the Cards/Nats game just after Gio recorded his 4th strikeout of the night; the situation was top of the 2nd, two outs, and the Cards had a runner on first in a scoreless game. Lobaton was back behind the plate for Gio, and I thought that perhaps Gio’s bad outing early in the week was just a one game aberration.

    When I returned to my viewing place after what I was sure was just a few minutes (I checked), all hell had broken loose, and it was 4-2 Cards, bottom 2nd, and no outs. From there, it was one of those games where the Cards let the Nats hang around enough to make fans think they had a chance, but Wainwright was eventually able to put them down, and a few insurance runs made the final 9-4.

    Strasburg goes today as the Nats attempt to get a split in this four game series. The Nats are 15-14 over a stretch where they faced nothing but the Cards, Royals, Cubs, Tigers, Feesh, Mets, Feesh, Mets, and Cards, and after today they won’t see such an extended stretch of opponents (all at or above .500) for the rest of the season. I like where they sit right now, but it’s a long way to the finish line.

    For today’s musical accompaniment, a holiday appropriate selection –


      1. For the future…

        Espinosa’s on a one year contract; I think he’s got one year of arbitration left, but that doesn’t mean the Nats have to offer him arb or even tender him after this season.

        Turner’s hitting well at AAA, but reports are his defense is average at best. One theory I heard this weekend is that with Murphy at 2B, the Nats can’t afford not to have a plus defender (Espinosa) at short, regardless of what he’s doing with the bat (and he’s starting to show just a little bit of life here).

        Turner’s only 22; he’ll turn 23 on June 30, which I think makes him the youngest he could possibly be and still be claimed to be in his “age 23” season. But anyway, there’s lots of time for Turner.


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