Kim Hyun-soo blast first Major League homerun

(Via MBCsports+)

New O’s addition, Kim Hyun-soo, just blasted his first Major League homerun today, off reliever Jeff Manship at the top of the 7th inning, giving the O’s a 5-4 lead. After hitting his first homerun in the Major leagues, Joey Rickard replaced Kim there at left field… before the game, Kim was batting .386 (17 for 44 with 3 doubles) in the season… this after a terrible spring, almost getting him demoted in the minor leagues, and/or shipping him back to South Korea… Here’s what I have to say, spring training stats are FUCKING overrated.

Congratulations to Kim on hitting his first homerun in the big leagues.

7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun-soo blast first Major League homerun

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  1. “Here’s what I have to say, spring training stats are FUCKING overrated.”

    True. Logan Kensing made a opening day roster this year because of those, and an injury to one Alex Wilson.

    Also worth noting? rumor has it Kensing was spotted looking shifty and holding bolt cutters underneath his shirt as he scurried away from Wilson’s car one night

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