Feesh Boolpen Collapses Vs. Barves; Front Orifice Sinkhole Suspected

There is embarrassment.  There is debasement. There is humiliation. And then there is going 0-5 and losing not one but two consecutive series to the 2016 Barves. This latter form of degradation is what Jar Jar Baseball and the Feesh, regardless of today’s outcome, can boast they have achieved.

Jose Urethra pissed away a one run lead in the top of the sixth in relief(!) of another yeomanly performance by Wei-Yin Chen (5 IP, 2 h, 1bb, 1 ER) , turning that slim lead into a two run deficit as quickly as he could allow the Keystone Corps to commit a couple of errors (three on the day), a double to someone named Beckham, who took a day orf from displaying his trophy wife about town and trying to shoehorn a backandforthandbackandforthandbackandforthball stadium into downtown Macondo to kick one through the outrights. Edwin Jackson, recently ejected from the DL (to which he was apparently as little use as he is to the boolpen) and pitching about as badly as everyone except the Feesh front orifice always expected him to, helped ice matters in the eighth by walking a pair and allowing Beckham’s dinger. Toldjaso.

The wimp wandsmen at least manage to erupt for their pair of runs on a triple by Cole Gillespie and a hit by Adeiny Hechavarria in the second, in slavish obedience to the Jar Jar Baseball credo of score early, then go take a nap.

The Rainbow Warriors sink back to 25-24 and closer, ever closer, to the rotating beak of the strange attractor:






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