The Midnight Snack – Friday

Extended weekend? Unofficial start of summer? And, more importantly, a chance for me to scope out my future home for a few days while hanging out with friends? YES! It’s finally Friday, yo, and I CAN’T STOP THE FEELING!

Disclaimer – I dance like the sweater lady at the laundromat. But I don’t care, because I love to boogie, even though I suck. You feel it, too? Come on. Let’s dance our way through tonight’s Snack.

You know who else is dancing tonight? The Young Cubs, and also the Old Cub. That’s right – everyone’s favorite Grandpa, David Ross, hit his 100th home run today.

This trio makes me so darn happy. Makes me wanna… DANCE!

The Pirates had a hot night themselves. Five runs in one inning? You know what you’re gonna do…

The Padres are out there killing it. As of this posting, the score was 10-2 Friars. DANG!

You know who else had a night? Josh Donaldson.

That is a cause for celebration for our Northern Friends, don’t you think?

Next week, the Snack will be sporadic, as I am officially on a hybrid vacation/scoping out apartments for my upcoming move, and I might have a lot of things going on. But in the meanwhile, dance like nobody’s watching, and have a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend, fam (for our American readers, of course).

3 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Friday

  1. Thank Dog our un-American readers don’t come here and post Happy — Royal Mountie Day and First Day of the Seal Hunts Day, and We’re Too Polite To Overthrow Victoria Day and crap like that.

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