Bernie Sanders Demands Democrats Disqualify 3.5 Million Votes for Hillary; Adam Conley “struggles” Against Barves

When news breaks, Fan-Interference is there to fix it!

Good afternoon, here are the rumors behind the news. Democrat-come-lately  Bernie Sanders campaign manager Leon Trotsky, in a letter from beyond the grave (if not from beyond the hilarious) to Democratic National Committee Wicked Witch of the South Debbie Wasserman Schultz today demanded not only that Schultz step down because that’s what Bernie wants, but also that the party remove long time Democratic party members Connecticut Governor Molloy and Massachusetts Rep. Barney Frank from important party positions because they don’t support Bernie’s cockamamie positions, and to  nullify Hillary Clinton’s three and a half million popular vote advantage for her inevitable nomination for Presidential candidate, claiming that those who voted for her “demonstrated deep seated personal biases” against Stuntator Sanders that “go well beyond mere ideological, mathematical or logical aversions to his third-grade grasp of economic realities, foreign policy and global trade issues.” Trotsky claimed that Hillary’s rigged one voter, one vote majority  “threatened to sandbag Sanders’ opportunistic carpetbagging insurgency within a party he has never belonged to but whose future he claims to be concerned about, and might block his financially suicidal domestic proposals, which would probably bankrupt the United States and reduce it to an economic has-been akin to Greece or Argentina in the unlikely event that Congress was as incapable of doing simple math as Bernie seems to be,  from being included in the party’s 2016 platform” and might preclude his army of angry white adolescents from entering the party until they ackcherley enter the workforce, taste its realities and grow up someday.

In other news, Adam Conley also struggled against the Barves yesterday, going 4-1/3 while confusing the ballgame for carnival soak-the-clown while hitting three batters, walking one and surrendering eight hits and two earned runs. Jar Jar Baseball yanked Conley in the fifth, apparently in an attempt to avoid a lawsuit. The Feesh wimp wandsmen managed a measeley two runs of their own against the formidable Barves staff, and the team sank back towards the rotating beak of the strange attractor – suspended in fourth place like a lump of gefilte feesh in slime – at 25-23, with about as much chance of sniffing a postseason birth at this point as Bernie Sanders has of being asked to be Hillary’s running mate.

36 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Demands Democrats Disqualify 3.5 Million Votes for Hillary; Adam Conley “struggles” Against Barves

  1. Oh my, I didn’t know you felt that way about Bernie. My beef against him is that by prolonging things he’s increasing the chance that someone with the mentality and cognitive capabilities of a badly brought up 14 year old boy might actually become president.

    As for Bernie being Hillary’s running mate, I agree it’s unlikely, but if putting him on the ticket increases the chances of saving us from Trump (and ourselves), all hands on deck!


    • I’ve been ribbing Bernie and his ephebes for some time now. I have to award him and his campaign cadres a gold magen David for chutzpah, what with all the orders, threats and directions they’ve been barking at the Democratic Party hierarchy lately when Bernie’s not even a Democrat in the first place. His japes, wheezes and animadversions are the pewling of a loser. On the other hand, I’ve written here – unapologetically – that he’s just a garden variety demagogue with his own little petting zoo of scapegoats (“the one percent”) just as Trump has his Mexicans and Muslims, and Mitt Romney had his “forty seven percent.” They’re all just political ignis fatuui and I’m contemptuous of any candidate from the right or left who deploys them.

      I would be disappointed if Hillary caved into his histrionics and selected him as a running mate, first on principle – if you can’t stand up to a cranky Oompah how you gonna stand up to a Putin or a Xi Jinping? – and second because if anything happened to Hillary I think he’d make a lousy president who would serve out her term in an immobilizing mutual headlock with congress.

      If anything, I think he’d make a terrific attorney general. If Hillary could bring him and his votes on board by offering him that major cabinet position, I’d be cautiously in favor of it. Whereas I find his “leftism” atavistic in economic terms – he’s primitive even by the standards of Irving Howe or Michael Harrington, and the left badly needs someone with a more modern vision of socialism than his unless they want Greece or Argentina for a new economic model – his most, if not to me only, inspiring comments have been along the lines of social justice. If he thinks he can run an economy as president by warring with Wall Street, he’s probably suffering from early onset dementia. Hillary can bring big banks and financial centers into partnerships to support social projects, not bust them up on a feelgood crusade akin to a lynch mob and make them incapable of same.

      On the other hand, I think as a regulator or enforcer of anti-monopoly legislation he’s shown ample bullheadedness. He’d be a septuagenarian Godzilla and really find a niche where he can be useful without being destructive. And that would give his legion of angry white adolescents a working model of how to integrate their idealism productively into a reshaped future economy that would ackcherley work without driving us into an extended recession or even bankrupting our economy altogether.


        • Oh? And I suppose you think letting Syria, Iraq and Libya be overrun by ISIS is a fine pacifistic solution to the current mess Bush made? Enslavement is a happy fallback option when your own sorry ass doesn’t seem to be in harm’s way – yet. Thoughtless pacifism is as dangerous in its own way as militaristic adventurism. Hillary has already admitted she made a mistake in voting for Bush’s war of lies and corruption, which demonstrates that she can admit her errors and learn from them.

          Bernie, on the other hand, would sit back with his arthritic old thumbs up his backside and let the Canadians overrun us. Maybe you want to eat poutine for the rest of your life, but I would bet that most of us don’t – especially when we’re already on atorvastatin, Losartan and Cardizem.


        • You can kiss my “sorry ass”. And stop with the age cracks about Sander, you washed up old fucker. It’s goddamn ridiculous. And please stop calling yourself liberal.


        • Tsk, tsk. Glad you’re here to define me and turn this from a policy and ideological argument into a volley of ad hominem verbal thuggery. I think this is the third or fourth post in which you’ve displayed a marked inability to stick to matters of policy and the conduct of your favorite candidate and descend to a lot of juvenile name-calling. That’s a lot like what Bernie’s campaign, “spearheaded” by his little gang of organizational thugs who aren’t much better than Trump’s, has descended into as well.

          And speaking of your sorry ass, while you’re at it, howsabout checking back through the seven or so years of my posts on Circling the Bases, Hardball Talk and this blog for one single instance of my calling myself “liberal.” I guess you already know wherefrom you pulled that. I have always called myself a socialist. This doesn’t mean that when a fellow “socialist” like Bernie, whose entrance into the primaries initially excited me, lets his campaign degenerate into threats, petulance, sapegoating, dumb slogans, crockpot economics, hissyfits, delusions and ad hominem attacks on his rivals that I automatically go along with it. What a letdown. Bernie – and you – are displaying exactly the kind of behavior and stubborn ideological constipation that has kept the left well to the fringes of the national political discourse – so much so that centrists like Hillary and Obama get branded “socialists.” It is a reeling world indeed.

          Bernie – like his atavistic, spend until you’re bankrupt brand of “socialism” – is almost ten years older than me, so if I’m “washed up” he must have been dried, starched, pressed and hung in the closet by now. And his cranky, early-onset demential disposition shows it, too. Best of luck to you and your pure, unadulterated, incorruptible “liberalism,” or whatever it is you do support.


    • Baloney. Caucusing with the Democrats doesn’t make one an organization Democrat. Sanders has always maintained his independent staffing and organization and stressed his independence. He has never run as a member of the party; in 1985 he specifically disavowed being a Democrat, and his most recent senate runs, in 2006 and 2012, were as an independent. In 1989 he was refused congressional committee positions with the party for refusing to become a party member.

      Aside from that, Bernie’s always had a big mouth. If he didn’t make an issue of “Hillary’s coup,” chances are pretty good he didn’t really believe it was “Hillary’s Coup” in the first place.

      And the Hillary-Honduras thing is paranoid nonsense. Aside from the fact that the paint on her office walls had hardly dried when the coup occurred in 2009 (unless you believe that one “organizes” a military coup on the fly in less time than it takes to mount a professional theatrical production, much less that Secretaries of State are empowered by sitting presidents to go ahead and organize coups themselves), this story infers that Latin Americans are too dumb and disorganized to put together their own coups. Nonsense. They’ve been at it for 400 years, and they’re pretty good at it without our help.


      • Baloney back. But, nice to know that you, too, are a “good Dem.” In the one debate, Bernie only mentioned coups in Ike’s time, overlooking those by JFK and LBJ. And, I haven’t even mentioned the semi-coup in Ukraine, though Clinton was no longer Secretary of State at that time. And, yes, Ukraine 2014 was at least a semi-coup.


      • Oh, and I never said Hillary organized the coup; I said she >>backed<< it. Just like we didn’t organize the attempted coup against Chavez when Bush was prez, we just refused to denounce it until it had clearly failed.


        • I’m a registered independent.

          But the Honduran narrative has more holes in it than a thatched hut. Unfortunately we do have a long history of meddling (which is a pretty benign word) in Latin America, with the original “independence” of Panama being the template and the our truly despicable cooperation with the genocidal Pinochet in Chile being the vilest example within out lifetimes. We also reverse positions on Venezuela: I believe we were knee deep in that one, and only succeeding in making Chavez more paranoid, militant and hostile, much to the detriment not only of the people of Venezuela but to our own interests as well.

          Honduras doesn’t fit, though. To say that the US tried to interact in an ameliorative way with an obnoxious junta isn’t the same as saying we “backed” it. It’s also facetious to say that Hillary “backed” it as if it were her independent policy to do so. Bernie has too big a mouth and has always been too eager to swell a progress, inflate a scene or two. He wasn’t a “good Democrat” when all his pals of convenience were voting for Bush’s war of lies and corruption in Iraq. Again: if he smelled a dead fish in Honduras, he would’ve said so. He didn’t think we were complicit, and neither do I.


        • No, Bernie didn’t mention it for the same reason he’s not suing Iowa Dems over the caucus, which is entirely intraparty, while he had filed suit over Arizona, at least, which is a primary controlled by state officials, not a caucus.


        • Bernie is an opportunist and always has been. That he may be making strategic choices this election season about which returns to challenge and which ones not to as he jockeys for position in the wake of his upcoming loss of California and any lingering pipedream of the nomination still does not ex post facto make a Democrat out of him either.


        • See, Bernie’s the opportunist. Not Hillary who campaigned against a higher minimum wage and then celebrated when it passed against her wishes.

          Pull up a Youtube video of Bernie from 30 years ago and he’s saying the same things he’s saying today about how big money completely destroyed any pretense of a democracy in this country. Clinton changes her positions to whatever is expedient at the time, which makes her a lot like Obama in that respect.

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        • Whether Hillary has been opportunistic or not, yep, Bernie has been – he’s used the Democratic Party like a rented limousine, useful when he could use it. He likes to pretend to be the “un-politician” but he’s far from it. He’s explicitly disavowed belonging to the party and until this spring refused to join it, but happily accepted caucus and committee positions when they’ve been offered to him. And unless the goalposts have shifted, Hillary supports a graduated $12.50 minimum wage but still opposes a ruinous $15/hr minimum wage which is opposed not only by Bernie’s private golem, that “one percent” he’d like you to believe, like all scapegoat artists, are fighting against it to keep themselves in yachts and villas, but by small business owners and shopkeepers whose own personal incomes reach well down into the lower 50% and want to keep themselves in their homes and paying the electric bill. These are the people into which much of your invincible army of first time voters will eventually grow. The world will look a lot different to them by then. Bernie’s “future to believe in” (and dear Buddha, what a dull, lame slogan that is) wouldn’t even offer them an economy in which they could survive.

          As far as his having been saying the same things for thirty years, well, I guess you’re too emotional to take a breath and realize that that’s one of my biggest problems with him, and you’re effectively making my own argument for me. Isn’t Bernie’s stubborn refusal to change anything about a message that hasn’t played outside his own backyard for all these decades just the opposite of what the country needs – the flexibility and vision to grow and adapt as circumstances change and political realities shift? I’ll just defer to what I’ve already said a number of times: his socialism is an antiquated, if not fossilized socialism.


        • More circumstantial pap for the paranoia machine. Of course a high ranking cabinet member would delete possibly classified information about our intelligence and diplomatic community in Latin America, or anywhere in the world, from a personal memoir. You’re reading the deletion as sinister because your narrative requires you to do so. Chelsea Manning she ain’t. Sorry, I’m not buying this one. It smells too much like Benghazi light.


    • For God’s sake Socratic consider what a Trump presidency would mean. Sure it would probably trash the Republican party but it would also trash the country, and I don’t mean trash the country Bush style, we’re talking Mussolini style.

      I’m sure you can see for yourself that Trump is jaw dropping stupid and uniformed, but it’s worse than that. You have to understand that he actually believes that he is the character he plays on tabloid TV. He has some massive insecurity which forces him to imagine himself to be some sort of Uber Mensch because of ,you know, his “very, very good brain” which he thinks is the genetic endowment of his family – seriously.

      Check out this piece at Der Spiegel. Perhaps you already know but it will also give you a taste of what the rest of the world thinks of him.

      Consider what could very well happen in a Trump presidency:

      Mass deportations of Latino Americans, including those born on American soil to undocumented immigrants (Trump has already publicly disputed birth right citizenship) leads to mass violence by both Latinos and reactionary whites. We’ve already seen violence at some of his rallies. Remember the president has the power to declare martial law. Once that happens it’s a new ball game where legal niceties are rarely observed.

      One of his crank advisors points out to him that the constitution itself does not explicitly say that the supreme court is the final arbitrator of the constitution so he refuses to obey a supreme court ruling that he rescind his order to immigration authorities to require everyone entering the country to fill out a religious questionnaire. A cowardly congress declines to impeach him and at that moment a precedent is set where by a president can do anything he wants as long as he his sufficiently popular at that moment, meaning that we are no longer a country where individual rights are protected from the will of the majority.

      The rest of the world concludes, rightly, that the United States is no longer a country capable of even just minimally competent self governance and the dollar is no longer regarded as the world’s reserve currency, meaning that the interest rates of our deficit financed taxation and spending policies soar and we become a country on the road to bankruptcy, while still possessing the world’s by far most powerful military commanded by a desperate, flaying narcissist.

      Either Clinton or Trump is going to be the next person with access to the nuclear codes. You have to, we all have to, choke it down and vote for Hillary. If Trump wins there may not be enough left for you and Gator to argue about.

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        • Who do you love and why do you love them is an unanswered question I have asked of gator and now ask you. It is also a question I ask of myself which results in blubbering nothingness.

          Yes, Hillary Clinton has far worse problems needing your personal help, but basic human decency needs and will always need your personal help.


        • As far as who I love and why I love them, that’s just too long a list. But here, I’ll pull one out at random for you: I love my pet pygmy rattlesnake Friendo, because he hits for average and he hits with power.


        • Oh don’t worry. If she blows the election – and she could – Clinton supporters will blame Sanders the same way people who supported the Gorebot 2000 still blame Nader. Well, if that asshole wouldn’t have run away from Bubba like he was radioactive he might not have gotten that thing stolen from him. The fact that he sided with the Republicans to keep Nader off the debate stage says all you need to know about what happened to the Democratic Party.

          The good news is Bernie was the point of the spear and his campaign was an enormous success. Clinton is the last neo-liberal we’ll ever be forced to vote for as the lesser evil. Young people hate phonies and Clinton hasn’t had anything resembling a real personality in decades.

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        • Right, like my generation of anti-warriors, desegregationists and women’s rights supporters was supposed to presage a new era of liberalism, anti-corruptionism and social justice. Funny thing about that. Boomers, in the process of maturing (more or less), getting whacked around by real life and economic caprice instead wound up subdividing into large clumps of neoliberals and conservatives with a healthy sprinkling of farther leftist, farther rightist, messianic clerical fascists and assorted one-issue subgroups.

          This meme that Bernie’s army of angry white adolescent crusaders is “the future of the Democratic party” is a red herring of the most roseate sort. It presumes that none of them will ever enter the workforce, taste the realities of having to earn a living, raise a family, face economic and social changes that can’t even be anticipated yet, incrementally, and accept human flaws as an intrinsic and negotiable aspect of sociopolitical reality. I doubt if Bernie could keep his spear pointed without liberal doses of Viagra, not to mention fuzzy math and wishful thinking. He is exactly the sort of politician whose cotton candy will once again dry to the cone and has kept the left generally marginalized even in the Democratic party.

          Bernie is a narcissistic demagogue, nothing more, nothing less. His wish list – things like universal health care, free higher education, and a return to the wisdom of anti-monopolistic markets – corresponds nicely with mine. It’s just that he’s delusional about how to bring them about, and just as phony as any other politician in his use of scapegoats, smear tactics, guilt by association, winking at the thuggery of his supporters, and his inflated, unfulfillable promises.


        • You’re so arrogant and entitled it’s hilarious. Don’t you dare compare the way you had it to the drippy bag of shit we’re handing kids nowadays. The long term job picture in a country that abandoned manufacturing; the insanely crushing student loan debt; the worst ecological disaster in human history, which is still almost completely ignored in the media. Give me a fucking break. I love the way you piss on young people while simultaneously ripping on the vitality of a man who has been able to withstand the daily rigor of a Presidential campaign. I would like to see you keep his schedule for a week and then talk shit.

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        • Boy, you’re really getting hysterical and running orf the rails, aintcha? Growing more insulting and more vulgar as the conversation goes on. There’s no need for this. Let’s see now – you have over the last few days ordered me not to call myself a liberal (even though I never have), not to call myself a leftist at all (nor, Buddha forbid, even try to define one); not to emphasize Bernie’s age, as if it weren’t a legitimate factor in evaluating his fitness for office, not to joke about anything, and now not to “dare” compare young people of my era to young people of yours – you sound just like Bernie and his fascistic campaign factotums barking orders the party they don’t even belong to. Boy, talk about “entitled.” I suggest – as oppose to order – that you look in the mirror.

          You will note that I started this thread as a satire, ie a joke, about how the Sanders campaign has been conducting itself of late. It’s unfortunate that you appear to have no sense of humor about all this. Notwithstanding, it would have probably occurred to anyone who hasn’t been frothing at the mouth the way you have that I’ve pretty much ignored your commands and will continue to do so.

          Well now let’s see – where, precisely, did I “piss” on young people – by implying that they were going to grow up someday? That they were going to find making their way in the world rather less fabricated in reality out of idealism and daydreams and fuzzy math than they think it is now? Oh gosh wow, that’s really bypassing the prostate, innit?

          Yep there are, like it or not, significant analogies between the last period of youth-driven agitation in this country – the one in the middle of which I was, getting teargassed, hosed, arrested and what have you while you weren’t yet a gleam in your lab tech’s eye – and this one. Sorry to pull age rank, but I was there, I took the hits, whereas you sound like an armchair general.

          We thought, as you apparently do, that our idealism, passion for social justice and anti-militarism were going to remain our ideological, if not spiritual, mainstays and that we’d pass them on unadulterated to the next generation. So, you’re telling me that this isn’t anything like the noises you and your fellow Bernie supports are making? You just wrote, above, with adorable naivete that thanks to the “spear” of Bernie’s successful losing candidacy we would “never again” be offered the choice of a neoliberal candidate. Yep, and we believed that after crushing Goldwater that conservatives were routed forever and that we’d “never again” have to face the likes of a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. But a funny thing happened on the way to the future.

          Another common denominator, of course, is that – and I know you can’t stand to hear this, you lil’ Peter Pan of the Proletariat, you – people grow up, get beaten up by life, change their viewpoint and assume new sets of personal interests that often clash with the political ideals they held when they were younger. There now: did mean ol’ Pantagruel here just turn their futures a foamy yellow? I don’t think so.

          Let’s look at a couple of those other nonsensical Bernie talking points you just screamed into the discussion. Student debt: a huge problem, yes. My daughter is dealing with it, as is my son, though to a lesser extent. I have a real personal stake in this issue, not merely an ideological one. How do you solve it – by simply declaring it void, stiffing all the banks and private lenders (not a few of whom are holders of stock and debt portfolios way down in the fiftieth percentile, though Bernie would like you to swallow his limping misconception that they’re all up there in that mythical one percent) who loaned it in the first place, and crashing the financial system in the process? Oh, goody – let’s have a market crash to celebrate Bernie’s ascension to the Peacock Throne. It’s not an intractable problem but it will require much smarter solutions than his. Got any ideas about how to solve this one that won’t wreck the banking system and the government’s full faith and credit at the same time?

          Let’s move on to that beloved rationalization about how the US “abandoned” manufacturing. Earth to Bernie’s Boys: we could no longer compete with items manufactured overseas where labor costs were drastically lower. Manufacturers don’t generally go on manufacturing items on which they will lose money if other options become available. That’s kinda economic reality if not human nature (I know, I know: now you’re going to order me not to try to describe human nature. Too bad about you.) Somewhere buried in Bernie’s plaque-encrusted tracts is apparently a belief that people are going to buy more expensive products just because they’re made here. Right. See: contemporary high school enconomics classes to be disabused of that delusion. Bernie may still be ideologically stuck back in the 1980s but the rest of the planet shows no inclination to wait for him, and his suicidal insistence that he plans to rip up the trade agreements that have kept what we do still make competitive in international markets will result in tariff wars that will shut those products out, wreck American markets overseas, and will sure create big job markets for his ephebes as they try to find a job market to enter in the first place.

          Oh, and the Toyota I drive was manufactured in Kentucky. Gee, I guess maybe we haven’t “abandoned manufacturing” after all.

          Aside from that, you blew a chip the other day when I pointed out that workers in places like India, Mexico and Thailand, for example, were also human beings who have made some solid incremental strides towards a better life building stuff we can’t build at the wages for which they’re willing to build them. As a pretty much lifelong leftist (and it’s also too damned bad about you if you don’t like me calling myself one), I also see this as an important dimension of the trade agreements that Bernie the fake socialist would like unilaterally to abrogate, lacking as he does the intellectual honesty and suppleness to come to grasp with issues that beggar his imagination. Namely, that the growing wealth of formerly underdeveloped nations will create huge new markets for American goods. But these things do take time. Maybe Bernie lacks patience because he doubts he’ll live long enough to see it.


    • A vote for the Green Party is a vote for the Republican Party at this point in time. It’s a waste of time. There are not enough supporters. How quickly we forget the election of 2000. If it were not for Ralph Nader in Florida, Gore would have won the state, sparing us 8 years of Dubya and Cheney.

      Fuck off, Green Party. Florida 2000 Election Results:

      George Walker Bush–
      Richard Bruce Cheney 2,912,790 48.847% Republican

      Albert Arnold Gore Jr.–
      Joseph Isadore Lieberman 2,912,253 48.838% Democratic

      Ralph Nader–
      Winona LaDuke 97,488 1.635% Green


        • This has been a pretty long goodbye, Soc….

          Florida was going to be close with or without Nader, but in its disastrous aftermath Nader and the Greens desperately needed a narrative to absolve themselves of their responsibility for helping the Bush catastrophe come to be. Whereas I’m generally sympathetic with much of the Green platform, they’ve also proven themselves master propagandists (to themselves, anyway) when it comes to fabricating ridiculous rationalizations – for example, that “most” Nader gulls would have voted for Bush even though he stood for practically everything Nader rejected. Here’s a much more well researched and thorough take on the election in general, with some more astringent analyses of the Florida fiasco than Nader’s apologists have promulgated:

          As far as poor Theresa, yeah, her disastrous ballot design cost her her re-election as Palm Beach County supervisor and she wound up as an administrator at some Catholic high school and as a bit of a gadfly at county school board meetings. And I do agree that since most of the ballots that were thrown out were in districts Gore probably would have carried, the “hanging chad” fiasco also impacted his loss.

          By the way, I met her once at a restaurant near Florida Atlantic University. She was introduced to me by name by a colleague but I had a senior moment and didn’t connect her with that Terry Lapore and my pal reminded me about it afterwards. I found her quite pleasant, intelligent and charming.


        • Gore was almost as a big a buffoon as Bush. Probably more so because I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone run a worse campaign. He nearly put out a restraining order to keep the popular two term President who just happened to pick him as running mate at least 1000 feet away during his campaign. He picked that slimy Trojan Republican Joe Lieberman as his own running mate. Not so coincidentally, the first “Democrat” to turn on Clinton during Blowjobgate. He stood there like a malfunctioning robot while Karl Rove shit all over him. And he alienated every real liberal in the country when he locked arms with Bush and kept Nader off the debate stage. So desperate was he to avoid sharing the microphone with an actual liberal. In summation, fuck that guy for losing to a disinterested moron and people really need to start putting the blame where it belongs for that election.

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        • No question that Gore ran a terrible campaign, and that Lieberman was an atrocious choice. As far as keeping Nader out of the debates, Nader simply didn’t qualify – he was polling under 3% of the popular vote. Making a lot of noise isn’t in and of itself a qualification for national coverage. Nader ran as an independent because he would have been buried alive in the primaries and he knew it. The electoral choice was going to be between Shrub and Gore and there was no point whatsoever for including the distraction of a fringe candidate just because he represented a “different” point of view.


        • Let’s preserve that two party system/one party system that gives us Democratic candidates who carry water for the water collar criminals who stole $16 trillion dollars, including two trillion in retirement savings. None of those resulting bankruptcies, foreclosures, divorces and suicides can be blamed in Clinton benefactor Blankfein and his cronies. It was all the nefarious work of a couple small rogue lenders, you see. That 25 billion fine was simply the cost of doing business, you naive Bernie Sanders supporter.

          But keep up the condescending bullshit, Gator. That’s a great way to bring people over to your deeply unpopular candidate. When we have a racist orangutan in office, you can blame it all on the Sanders supporters and remember those great burns you scored on social media.

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      • You guys are really big on guilt by association, aintcha?

        I do wish we had a better choice than the deeply unpopular Hillary, who is running three and a half million votes ahead of your wildly popular avatar of truth and justice, Bernie, at this point and whose lead will be rather more comfortably padded than that after New Jersey and California. Unfortunately, we don’t.

        Sometimes you have to play the hand you’ve been dealt, and Hillary with all her warts is it. Sorry she and her supporters don’t meet the Bernie Backer test of purity. But the fact is, Bernie’s constituency will force her temporarily to the left, which is fine. She’ll strike that pose as long as she needs to in order to be elected, and then as long as she has a tractable congress, and then abandon it when she doesn’t and she needs to move to center to get anything accomplished. Notwithstanding, she’s going to be a better and far more experienced administrator, give us a more liberal Supreme Court, and be far more realistic in both domestic and international policy.

        And Socrates, sorry to say you’re coming orf like some fringe cheerleader in the peanut gallery tooting and clapping for each straw man Yahmule has trotted out and then left as though self-evident in this discussion. The reality is, your Greens – who like Bernie think themselves the very incarnations of truth and light – aren’t going to pull that critical 5% or anywhere near it, and spend the next four years piping and squeaking and no one will hear it.

        Unfortunately, without a visionary ideologue with imagination, flexibility and eloquence to construct a workable platform for the American left – one that can’t be shot full of holes by any Republican strategist with a pocket calculator – and a solid network of think tanks, publications and media outlets, which is precisely what the right wing has done much to its benefit, the American left is just going to follow blustering demagogues like Bernie Sanders through the glare of the Sunday News Talk Show studios and back into its routine cicada-like three and a half year cycle of oblivion.


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