The Midnight Snack – Thursday

Alas, it is time to say goodbye. Join me, won’t you?

Y’all, sad news to report. Jackie Bradley Jr’s hitting streak ended tonight. 29 games is no joke, but I’m sad he couldn’t make it to 30. That would have been very cool.

Goodbye, hitting streak.

I’m joining the Sluggin’ Cheeselandians in saying goodbye to the Ted.

Goodbye, Ted.

The Yankees are bidding a farewell to Slade Heathcott, a player who has probably one of my favorite names in baseball right now. I don’t know much about him, but my friends who are Yankees fans are all quite sad about this turn of events, so I will join them in a hearty goodbye.

Goodbye, Slade.

The Orioles can’t wait to leave Houston after a series sweep. Orbit’s homies put the hurt on the Boys from Baltimore. There wasn’t a bad pitch they didn’t swing at.

Goodbye, Astros.

Finally, I know I talk a lot about how unhappy I am, generally, at the trades that the Braves have pulled off over the last several years, but one I will never be unhappy with – and, in fact, I’m SUPER stoked months later – is the Shelby Miller trade to the Diamondbacks. I was one of the rare people in Braves Country who was never into Miller and knew his coach was gonna turn into a rotten ass pumpkin sooner rather than later.

Come get your rotten pumpkins.

After this bro bashed his finger into the pitching mound (!!??!!), he continues to have problems. Of course, Miller had problems before he smashed his digit, but this doesn’t help at all. Chip Hale, D’Backs manager, says Miller will be around for his next start, but [cue Batman ’66 narration voice] what’s THIS?

Goodbye, Shelby?

And good night, FI fam. (Never goodbye to y’all. NEVER!)

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