So, What Did I Miss? Please Help a Nurse! (5/26/16)

I am pretty relaxed tonight for a fan of a team that keeps losing to the gooddammed Miami Lorias. Believe it or not, I do sleep. I also swam last night with my little princess and swimming has a way of relaxing. Maybe it has something with us replicating our original state? Anyhow, it is just a game. I love the game, but I’m not going to let it get to me that much. Guess what? We get to try again this afternoon at 1 p.m. Go get ’em, Rats. I am sure O.G. will have a fantastical surreal recap up, but in short. Known shithead Logan Morrison really likes hitting against the Lorias–he was responsible for all 3 runs.

The Rats teased me for a bit, made me think, maybe? Nobody likes a tease. Then again, there is a Jewish proverb that says, “Anyone who teases you, loves you.” The Jews are a wise people. The Rats must be madly in love. I think the proverb meant a different teasing though. Gently picking on someone. I only tease people I love–I call them verbal spitballs. I ignore you if I don’t like you.

Something named Barraclough got the win. Doesn’t it sound like something out of a Harry Potter or Tolkien story? “Jack! We need to find the Barraclough!” “But what if it doesn’t want to be found?” Lorias 4-Rats 3.

Music is better together. That’s why I like to share it.

I received word from my mother, who was at the game with friends and DID NOT INVITE ME AFTER I GOT HER FRONT ROW SEATS, that a fan was hit in the face by a foul ball two rows behind her. I can find nothing on the news about it. Can someone check

My childhood team won tonight. My mother found this picture the other day. I am going to have it blown up. My sister and me at a Mets game at Shea. My sister is the cute pissed off looking younger one. She didn’t like baseball, still doesn’t really. Claims to be a Yankees fan now, lol, but knows practically nothing. I sincerely doubt she knows how many balls make a walk, but you know. Typical Yankees fan. I love her expression. I see it in my daughter all the time. I am the one in the back, smiling. I loved going. I was very shy then.

larimemetsI always walked with my head down. One day, an older African-American usher was escorting us to our seats. We were sitting out by the Mets bullpen in right field, which were not our normal seats. He looked at me shuffling with my head down and he said something like, “Chile, why you walk wit’ yo head down. You ain’t got nothin’ to be ashamed of. Walk wit yo head up. Be proud.” I was startled, looked up. I walk with my head up. I will never forget him with his gray curly hair and chubby belly. I am sure he is dead now, that was in the 80s, and he was probably in his 60s. I bet he had no clue what a difference he made that day with just a few words. “I ain’t walking down the street/Babe, I’m stomping/And I ain’t looking down/My eye level way above sea level, baby/Nah I ain’t looking to drown.” A lot has changed since then. Baseball is so much better than therapy!

The Mets’ Matz was dominant, defeating the Nats 2-0. In 8 innings, he allowed only 4 hits and struck out 7. My new team and old team have a lot of parallels. It’s all about the young arms. It seems like we churn them out like clones in the Clone Wars. Oh, we lost that one to free agency or injury? No worries. Here’s another young arm.

Twins 7-Royals 5. Proving once again how hard it is to sweep even a bad team, the Twins won their 12th game of the season. Nunez went 3 for 5, the all elusive triple short of cycle. I am going to name my new band: Triple Short of Cycle. It’s catchy and it has a funky beat. Who wants to play bass, guitar, and drums? I play the piano like shit and I sing. We need some back-up singers too. “How did you guys get together?” “We were all blogging on a baseball blog and this one crazy chick, she goes, let’s start a band, and we were all like, yeah…” Slappy! You need to be in our band. I swear I don’t do illegal drugs and I am completely sober right now. Um, Hosmer and Sally that Boy hit doubles.

Phillies 8-Tigers 5. See what I mean about the sweep. Phillies said nuh uh, not us. Take your broom and shove it up your Tiger butt. I know it sounds silly–your team just lost 2 out of 3, does it matter the combination? I contend, if I must lose 2 of 3 (of course, I don’t want to lose any), I want to lose the first two and win the last one. End on a high note. The Phillies had the last word. Anibal Sanchez with another rough start. Anyone want to take a bet on when the fragile pitcher goes on the DL? I really like Anibal a lot–not picking on him. He just breaks easy. He’s had at least 4 stints on DL in the past 3 years? Remember, I only tease those I love. Anibal is one of my favorite players and I hate to see him struggle The wattage from his smile could light up the eastern seaboard. He reminds me of another sweet Venezuelan I know, Francisco (FC).

I really like this:

Cubs 9-Cardinals 8. Nice job, baby bears! Now that is what I call heart. Picking up your ace pitcher on a day he is struggling. Arrieta finally shows us he is a fucking human. First Chris Sale goes down, now Jake. He wasn’t HORRIBLE. He was just not Arrieta–no quality start. He gave 4 runs in 5 IP. Most of us would be okay. I would be happy if Archer could give the Rats that right now. Your move, Clayton. I expect Kershaw to give up 6 runs his next start. Oh, wait. Clayton waits for the post-season against the Cardinals to show us he is a human being with flaws.

I really have to get ready for work, friends. Please recap the rest for me! Thank you!

On my breaks at work, that is what I do. Read your comments, listen to your songs. You make a nurse happy; you make patients healthier. See, you’re doing God’s work. 🙂


18 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? Please Help a Nurse! (5/26/16)

  1. The O’s have continued their streak of sucking lately. 3 runs with 12 men left on base, 4 errors, and 18 FUCKING strikeouts. No offense to Houston pitching, but they were not that good. O’s are swinging at everything and anything, especially breaking balls in the dirt. It’s disgusting. They were one hit or even a fucking sac fly away from winning in oh, I don’t know, 7 of the 9 innings.

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    • I was there at the game, Scouts. Not going to disagree. It was sloppy. McHugh started slow, but once he got rolling the Orioles were swinging at all kinds of stuff that was bouncing on the plate. And the fielding? Don’t get me started!. Astros were only CHARGED with one error, but both teams were slapping the ball around the infield. Rasmus drops one at the wall. Gattis passes a ball (ooh, that could hurt) and it gets called a wild pitch. Both teams looked like cats chasing an electrified mouse or something.

      Then there’s the Correa TOOTBLAN. “Hey guys, I’m going to telegraph that I’m stealing third with one out in a one-run game against a good catcher. Think I’ll make it?” A side note. I think Correa is still going to be a great player. But for the last month we’ve been seeing the almost-ready-for-primetime 21 year old.

      Not gonna lie. That was a good win for the Astros; and they need some more. It was a fun game, but in no way was it Hall of Fame baseball.

      Going again tonight. This could be interesting. Both starters are on my Fantasy Team. I’m looking for McCullers to pitch a no-hitter and Gausman to get pulled after 8 innings so that Springer can hit the game winning home run. Wish me luck! 🙂

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    • Kim Hyun-soo was the only one who didn’t struck out in that game (finished the game going 3 for 3 with a couple of doubles), and is now hitting .438 in the season (small sample size, but still hits the ball really well putting em in play, making some good contact, just 2 strikeouts in 32 AB’s)… And he’s still riding the bench? Seriously though, Buck Showalter needs to get him more at-bats.


      • I suspect he’ll get more and more opportunities now that Rickard is slumping. Kim is getting hits, but every single one of them are soft hits that find gaps. It’s a good skill to have, but until he starts to put a sting on the ball, I suspect he’ll get limited at bats. Especially since Rickard and Reimold offer much improved speed and defense.


  2. Dateline Yankee Stadium

    Marco Estrada pitched 7 solid innings, marred only by a pair of Borg home runs in the 7th and Russ Martin went yard twice, as the Jays beat the Empire 8-4.

    In a game that saw the season debut of Devon Travis following many months of rehab for shoulder surgery, the Jays finally realized that the best way to avoid having to face the three-headed monster in the Borg bullpen is to get the lead before the 7th inning. That was no issue here, as they were up 7-1 by the seventh inning stretch.

    Fun fact: Last night’s game marked the first time in MLB history that two Canadians hit back-to-back home runs (Martin/Saunders). Justin Morneau and Corey Koskie both hit homers for the Twins in the same game five times, but never back-to-back.

    The rubber game of this 3-game set goes this afternoon with a pair of southpaws on the mound — Happ vs Sabathia. The Yankees have hit worse vs lefties this season than righties, while the Jays have been the opposite… so Murphy’s Law dictates that it will be a Yankee blowout. 😛

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  3. If the worst start Arrieta can muster is a five inning affair with 4 earned (he’s done that twice now) I think they’ll be okay. Any mortal pitcher likely doesn’t make it out of the third and gives up 7 or 8. Arrieta didn’t have his stuff and still made his way through multiple jams relatively unscathed.

    What I mean to say is, suck it, St. Louis! Your team lost last night and your hockey team is toast too. No Cup for you!

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  4. Arrieta finally shows us he is a fucking human

    Is that why he was terrible? Dude you’re pitching a ballgame, stop fucking on the mound. In front of the children no less, what a disaster. Good thing they won the game.

    Remember, I only tease those I love. Anibal is one of my favorite players and I hate to see him struggle The wattage from his smile could light up the eastern seaboard. He reminds me of another sweet Venezuelan I know, Francisco (FC).

    You can tease me anytime sally 😉

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  5. well lucky thing there was no a’s game last night. nope, they did not get trounced by the mariners. nope there was no pitcher named “neal”

    iwakuma did not win a game

    i like flop. they are from seattle

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