Jonny Gomes, Retiring? Or No?

The Twittersphere is lighting up with rumors and denials of a Jonny Gomes retirement.

At first, numerous sources claimed that Gomes was indeed retiring, and that several teams were calling him in regards to front office positions. Then, it was reported that Gomes was not, in fact, retiring. This, of course, led to several retraction tweets and general confusion, with a few bloggers getting salty with one another. All reporters, bloggers, and even n’er-do-well wannabe bloggers like yours truly like to think that we have our facts right, even when we don’t. I’m not hating on the reporter who keeps insisting that Gomes is retired and just doesn’t want to say he isn’t because he’s keeping his options open. That’s…kind of not how retirement works, though?

My favorite tweet from all of this comes from MLB Trade Rumors, whose initial tweet apologizes for “erroneous information”, thus leading to this exchange:

If you can’t believe Jonny Gomes himself, who can you believe?

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