Update – Ryan Volgelsong Hit In Head, Carted Off Field

From Deadspin, Pirates pitcher Ryan Vogelsong was hit in the head while batting against Jordan Lyles.  Thoughts and prayers go out to Vogelsong.  Vogelsong is 1-1 with a 4.12 ERA, a 1.525 WHIP and 5.31 FIP in 11 games this season.


h/t to Professor for the tip.


Very little information has been released on the status of Vogelsong, leading many to fear terrible things.  While we still have little information, Ryan’s wife offered up the following tweet, causing a collective sigh of relief.

4 thoughts on “Update – Ryan Volgelsong Hit In Head, Carted Off Field

  1. It just looks so stinking painful, I can’t imagine. And this wasn’t a Jamie Moyer fastball, either. Oof.


  2. Good Lord. They said it will be sometime tomorrow before we get a status update again. Let’s hope that doesn’t mean it’s touchy.


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