The Midnight Snack – Yes, I’m Alive

Hi, fam. Last Thursday, I had to work late. Like super late. I was so tired that I just pretty much crashed when I got home. Then on Friday, I fell asleep while watching tv. Grandma lives a wild life, y’all. I’m sorry to have left ya hanging, but I’m back this week. So let’s get snacking.

First things first, let’s set the mood.

Feel like you’re trippin’ yet? Good. Because I got some stuff that will mess you up.

The Giants are doing some weird stuff on Twitter these days. Like this.

More scary stuff when it comes to pitchers – Clayton Kershaw walked a dude. I repeat. Kershaw walked someone. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

Kersh has also shutout three teams in his last five starts. My goodness, that’s crazy. It also matches his career high for a season. And we’re in May, guys. May. Remember when people were concerned about him? Ha. OK.

There’s stuff going on in the American League, too. For example, Jackie Bradley Jr is still kicking ass and chewing bubblegum, and dude is all out of bubblegum. A hit in 27 consecutive games? That’s pretty awesome.



3 thoughts on “The Midnight Snack – Yes, I’m Alive

  1. BTW, prof, one of the baseball shows tonight asked some of the players what their favorite emojis were. It was right up your alley. David Wright says he uses the see-no-evil monkey a lot because he’s always messing up and having to say sorry. Grandyman likes the one with the tongue sticking out and deGrom doesnotuseemojisorpunctuation

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  2. I’ve been wrecking havoc all over Twitter too! Over in the Superior League aka American League, which you choose to ignore :-P, I called Taylor Motter “Show hair!” on Twitter and he gave the comment a like! ❤

    Kershaw’s accomplishments should REALLY have an asterisk… he faces a pitcher in the line-up. That’s like the handicap I got in my bowling league. Yeah, I said it. 😉

    Nice to have ya back! You’re not allowed to breaks. Who said this was allowed @scoutsaysweitersisabust? We rest when we’re dead! Woooooooooo! (I’m gonna die, cough, hack, cough… )

    They don’t have my favorite emoji. It would be the middle finger.


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