So, What Did I Miss? (5/24/16)

The quick-cap… sorry, give #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend was trending on Twitter this morning… ack! Now I am behind on time! I have to be at work at 0730. Here we go.

Twitter is funny. Anyone can see what you write, so I kind of feel more exposed there. It’s only more recently that I have started to find my voice and courage on Twitter, but there it’s more like I always feel like…

Yeah, and my mother is a contact. She needs to go. That’s kind of my id running around there. She didn’t approve of me flossing with a steak knife. MOTHERS.

Awful, awful. Pirates 6-Rockies 3. I instantly became nauseous watching the video of Vogelsong hit in the face with a pitch. That sound is sickening.

Vogelsong, 38, left PNC Park in an ambulance. After Pittsburgh’s 6-3 victory, Pirates officials said the pitcher has a left eye injury, including the orbital bone around it. He was admitted to Allegheny General Hospital. The Pirates said no further updates would be available until Tuesday.

Said Colorado catcher Tony Wolters: “I thought the pitch got part of his helmet and part of his face. … I thought it got more helmet. But once he was down on the ground, I knew it was serious. Hopefully he’s all right, and I give him my best wishes. But it’s baseball, and it happens.”

It was a terrible scene but fortunately cooler heads prevailed. A tragedy didn’t become stupid.

White Sox 7-Cleveland 6. Battle for first place in the AL Central, which suddenly became interesting. It’s nice to see fresh blood, and the Tigers in 4th are only 4 back. It’s going to be a fun (aka bumpy) ride.

Cleveland 5-White Sox 1. Let’s play two!

Mets 7-Nationals 1. Colonoscopy.The prep is a bitch.

Angels 2-Rangers 0. Speaking of Pooholes… he provided all he offense. Pooholes can be powerful.

Tigers 5-Phillies 4. It was a home run derby.

Marlins 7-Rays 6. This one would really hurt if it wasn’t ICHIRO! How can I stay mad? The icon went for 4 for 5.

Royals 10-Twins 4. Sally, that boy. 5 for 5. He’ll always be Royal. And that song, Royals, is awesome. It got played out, but the lyrics, the minimalist beat–it’s a fantastic effort from a young singer-songwriter. Lorde is not an idiot pop star. The girl has skills. She was 16 at the time.


Bruce recognizes:

Cardinals 4-Cubs 3. Okay, Cubs. Time to end your skid. Where is your fight? Cardinals walk-off.

Dodgers 1-Reds 0. Kershaw gave up a walk. Clearly the end of times. The decline is here. I would recommend trading him if he is on your fantasy team.

A’s 5-Mariners 0. Hill cools off the red hot Mariners.

Giants 1-Padres 0. Pence with the game winning double. The sole reason I root for the Giants. The gangly googly superfreak is one of my favorite players. His limbs defy physics. The things he says, so bizarre. Who else does this?

I love him. ❤

Okay, gotta get ready to check those butts! Later, peeps.


13 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? (5/24/16)

  1. I would have been surprised if people had gotten stupid over the Vogelsang beaning. Who is going to throw at a 38 year-old pitcher? And you can see the pitcher and catcher pacing nervously in the background. They are visibly upset. The pitch just got away.

    You hate it like poison when that happens. It can easily maim or end a career. But nobody could have thought that was on purpose. The ball got away and he wasn’t quick enough.

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  2. Gio didn’t exactly Gio last night, but he was ineffective nonetheless for the first time this season, and the Nats took a beating.

    Jose Lobaton has been Gio’s designated catcher, but Ramos caught him for the first time all season last night. Didn’t affect his command, as he walked no one. On the other hand, he was pounding the strike zone so much that the Mets adopted the old “swing at the first strike you see” strategy, and scored five runs in the third in the space of about 12 pitches. Another couple solo shots two innings later, and Gio’s ERA rose by a full run.

    Also of note, Bryce Harper is now hitting .220 in his last 100 ABs, but remains third in the NL in OBP and fourth in the NL in OPS.


    1. Please note how ridiculous it is that the Avengers get blamed for the collateral damage in New York, DC, and Sokovia (except Tony). 🙂


      1. If Tony Stark really wants to defend us from the evil forces of outside worlds he should give a bunch of money to a super pac dedicated to stimulating Hispanic turnout and running a massive add campaign against the Orange Man.

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        1. Sure, Tony has responsibility. He created Ultron. What, exactly, had Steve done wrong that required oversight pre-Civil War?


  3. Hi everybody! Just popping in to grab a sandwich.

    Might as well see how the 2016 Twins are doing. Weeee! Least runs scored in the American league most runs allowed – on pace to lose 121.5 games which is of course the worst record in all of baseball land. Three fourths of the season left and they’re already playing long shot prospects I’ve never heard of.

    Anyways I’m off.

    Sundown, yellow moon, I replay the past
    I know every scene by heart, they all went by so fast


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