Josh Hamilton Out for Season

Former American League MVP and big time heavy hitter Josh Hamilton will miss the rest of the 2016 season due to ongoing issues with his knee.

Last year Hamilton had two surgeries in less than a month. Earlier this year he had a non-surgical procedure and went to a rehab assignment, which he left almost immediately due to complications and lingering pain from the previous surgeries.

The Rangers announced that Hamilton will have surgery again on June 8th.


Hamilton, 35, is signed to next season with the Rangers. General Manager Jon Daniels expects the outfielder to return in 2017.

14 thoughts on “Josh Hamilton Out for Season

    1. I can’t believe it either, Stex 😦 The Power of Altuve ought to be worth at least five or six games by himself. That guy is so next level. You’re blessed with him.


      1. Superman needs the Justice League. Altuve needs one more decent starter, two corner infielders who can hit their weight, and an outfielder who can strike out fewer than 200 times a year.


        1. Me too. I blow hot and cold between whether Luhnow is a genius or an idiot.

          “Idiot” has a big lead so far this season.


  1. Why is no one taking about what a bust he is? I get that he is paid pennies on the dollar to play in Texas and Moreno is probably grateful for the fucking privilege! He opened a roster spot. I just can’t fathom the fucking hate Ortiz gets for being a master cheater with the best fucking scientists known to man that constantly allowed him to cheat the system, but a true junkie is the ” good guy” and everyone defended his career. And lamentations of his failed career are peppered with cautionary tales about how Ortiz is an asshole because he’s named in a survey that they even said WAS UNFAIR, because they linked the recent ( at the time) ban of GNC shakes to an arbitrary ingredient count that the people who make the product be in sync with was gonna cost them millions.

    As a former junkie, WHY would you hold me to a higher standard than the guy who has not had a violation of Any fucking test since? If you believe that taking steroids will automatically make you Ted Williams, then, you should probably reevaluate your Fucking life. If you’re that stupid and you rely on your Facebook status to alleviate your lack of knowledge, then I guess that’s no help to you. This isn’t a admonishment to to the original post or any particular posters, however I am sick of the fucking media and everyone shitting on him for Three World series And a bombing where he articulated beautifully and got a fucking pardon from the FCC! Am I so fucking wrong here?


    1. Hamilton gets a pass because we all love redemption stories. Deep down inside most of us know that we are only a step or two from that “There but for the Grace of God……” path ourselves, so we applaud when someone else seems to be pulling out of the spiral. I’m a guy in my 60’s and I can get all little girl weepy over one of those stories about the guy who pulled it all back, saved his family, and got his life in order.

      Big Papi’s problem is a whiny, prickly, more than a little narcissistic personality. Is the leak allegation completely unfair? You bet. If only we liked him a little better he would get a pass. Look what a seemingly pleasant demeanor did for that whiny diva Andy Pettitte.


      1. Yeah, this is 50% a personality issue. Ortiz is a dick, Hamilton is boring.

        The other 50% is that Ortiz is awesome, which means people will look for reasons to hate him. Hamilton is horrible and always hurt, which means no one cares.

        Also, holy fuck is that a gross exaggeration of how people view Ortiz, most people don’t hate him or care about him at all….focusing on the few people that won’t let shit go isn’t going to result in an accurate view of perceptions. Just look at the recent HBT post about Ortiz, the comments were largely positive and disagreed with the few trolls that commented.


        1. I agree, that was an overly negative assessment of Ortiz’s popular perception right now. He’s not getting any Miss Congeniality awards, but most people (me included) are able to sort out his hitting greatness from the rest of the noise.


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