So, What Did I Miss? (5/22/16)

I’m starting with the Rays again because it’s the only game I watched any part of. (Oh, I hear Sr. Mary Catherine right now. The preposition! Go fix that sentence! No, bitch, leave me alone. I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ooops, I did it again. Ha, grammar crimes. Yes, the coffee is very strong this morning. Why do you ask?

Anyhow, if you didn’t want to read about the Rays, you should not have elected me your daily recapper! I mean, really people… uh… what’s that I’m hearing? There was no election? Well, never mind then! The Rays lost to the Motown boys, 5-4. It was a fantastic, edge of your seat type of game, hotly contested in the latter innings by my boys. The Tigers had a 5-1 lead when my boys mounted a comeback against the feline beleaguered bullpen. Hat tip to Tigers prospect Michael Fulmer who struck out 11. He pitched a fantastic game striking out only to watch the Tigers bullpen give it away, give it away, give it away now.

This should be their theme song. You could have heard a pin drop in Comerica after Longoria struck out, yet reached first on a wild pitch and a run scored, making the game 5-4. It was amazing.

The worst thing that happened was not the loss. I was pleased with how much fight my boys showed. Last year, we lose 5-1, go home, nothing to see here. It was Kevin Kiermaier. He was injured playing the only way he knows: fucking hard as nails. He reminds me so much of Dykstra–Nails. He just doesn’t give a damn about his body.

He travels to St. Petersburg today to have the fractures in his left hand assessed further. I’ll keep you guys posted. This is a 2015 bWAR 7.3 and fWAR 5.5 player, our best player. He was a top 10 player by WAR in 2015. I spent half my morning arguing with a couple of dummies on Twitter who claim that Kiermaier is a Top 100 player, not Top 10. His SDI index last year blew everyone out of the water. Pillar, Machado, Trout, Donaldson. Eat your wrongness and savor it. This is yesterday’s big loss. I don’t care how pretty he is. The boy can play.

Okay, so I don’t practice witchcraft. I don’t believe in all the hocus pocus stuff although yes, I have my silly superstitions that my logical mind knows: abso-fucking-lutely ridiculous (I won’t wear my Devil Rays t-shirt to the Trop, they always lose, goddammed devil!!!!) But come on now, this is pretty funny. I have been saying all week–I hope the pipes burst in I hope they burst. And ask the gods, the old and the new, and they answer? I had to laugh because yesterday the pipes burst in the Yankees dugout in I couldn’t have asked for anything more. For some reason, there is no video of people mopping the dugout on Anyhow, Tanaka was doing his thing, and the Yankees won 5-1 over Oakland. No word yet if Valencia’s jock strap is super itchy. That was my other hex on Oakland. I guess I could tweet him? That would be an awkward conversation. “So I jokingly put a hex on your team, and your curse is to itch in your jock strap. How’s it been?” I bet he would start to itch. Power of suggestion is how voodoo works. If I tell you that you are cursed and you believe me, then you are. You will make it true. The mind is powerful. Baseball players are very superstitious people… so what is his Twitter account? @dannyvalencia19… hehehe… I can hear the knock on my door with the restraining order already.

If I ever hear Hotel California again, I will join Glenn Frey, may his soul rest in peace. The perfect storm would be John Sterling singing Hotel California. I think I would spontaneously combust. 

Joe Kelly almost no hit Cleveland yesterday in a 9-1 victory. If you recall, he went on the DL earlier this season after throwing a few pitches in a start versus Tampa Bay. I think he’s all better now. 7 2/3 innings, one hit. Not bad at all.

Toronto has been in a tail spin lately. They lost to the lowly Twins yesterday, 5-3. Happ was cruising into the 8th allowing no runs when the Twins mounted a rally, and Happ became hapless if you will pardonez-moi the pun, s’il vous plait.

The Twins’ National League counterpart in the misery index, the Braves, won yesterday beating the Phillies 2-0. Williams Perez pitched  very well for the Barves:

The Royals beat the White Sox, 2-1, with the Royal’s relievers pitching 4 innings. They worked together as a team: Moylan, Flynn, Soria, and Davis.


The Feesh squeaked one out versus the Nationals, 3-2. Jose Fernandez pitching at home… the odds of beating him are very, very small. He reigns over Marlins Park. Some love Jose (count me in that camp)–his exuberance. Some hate him–his exuberance.


deGrom did not put the Mets in the best position to win, but his team picked him up last night. David Wright came through for the Mets’ first walk-off win since last July for my National League team. They beat the Brewers 5-4.


The Giants won 5-3 over the Cubs. The Cubs are coming down to earth just a little bit. They are now down to a 98.7% probability to make the play-offs. Yeah, okay. This was going to happen. Even Theo said so. Let’s see what this team is made out of. Adversity can build character and turn them into better men.

Wieters is not a bust, I guess! He smacked a three run home run in the 9th inning on his birthday, no less, to beat the Angels 3-1. Happy Birthday to you, good sir!

Give it up for Mr. Wieters.

If you don’t dance even just a little to this song… oh my goodness. I need to come check your pulse right away. 

The Padres beat the Dodgers on a basess loaded walk, 3-2. The walk-off walk. Very thrilling. Here’s the video. Nothing like watching a guy take a ball and walk.

Fiers pitched well enough to be awarded the all important pitcher win, but his team could do nothing against Cesar Ramos so Fiers is a loser who allowed 2 runs in 7 innings  while striking out 6 and walking none. Rangers 2-Astros 1.

Soy un perdedor… get crazy with the cheeze-whiz (yum, cheesesteak).

Mariners 4-Reds 0. We don’t have any Mariners or Reds fans regularly visiting us? Do I have to say anything about this game? Mariners improve to 25-17. They are starting to get scary.

Rockies beat Pirates 5-1. Adames hits his first homer.

Cardinals beat the Diamondback, 6-2, supporting Leake’s strong performance. St. Louis does have a very nice Metro to the stadium, something I wish we had here. I don’t remember if I recommended it when I did my recap of Busch Stadium.


I am going to a minor league game today, the Clearwater Threshers with the little lady. It should be a fun time. Have a happy Sunday everyone. May your team win, except the Tigers.

27 thoughts on “So, What Did I Miss? (5/22/16)

  1. Dick Enberg was the guest play-by-play announcer in the Tigers booth for yesterday’s game, and the pre-game featured this:


    1. Good article

      Rays are already down Forsythe. This is a tough loss.

      It mentions how they have quietly started calling themselves the Rats. Souza Jr. started that. I love it. Rats are smart, scrappy, tough, survivors, like Remi in Ratatouille. They make great pets. I often mistype Rays as Rats–the t and y are next to each on the keyboard. I think I will stop correcting myself


      1. I like the rats nickname. Rats are about as smart as dogs. I had to buy a mousetrap (non lethal) to corral these teensy little mice we get around here occasionally. I’ve trapped and released three so far.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yesterday’s loss to the Rangers puts the Twins at exactly 500, so as patterns are starting to emerge time to take stock of the team.

    The outfield, Gladden, Kirby and Shane Mack, very nice. The infield, Herbie, Knoblach (emerging rookie of the year?), Gagne and the Pagiliara / Leius platton, no complaints. Throw in arguably the best hitting catcher in the game, Harper, gives us what could turn out to be the best every day lineup in baseball. Good defense, good offense, a flexible bench, and no easy outs from one to nine.

    Starting pitching, Morris, Tapani and Erickson (Lord, the guy’s putting up Sandy Koufax numbers so far), a solid core. The bullpen, Aguilera is a quality closer and everyday Eddie is a good setup man, the rest we’ll see about but there is a nice lefty / righty balance.

    In sum this team has no holes and several pluses. Call me a romantic homer, but I think this could be a summer to remember. My daughter is ten, my son is eight and they’re beautiful. I sure hope I can scrounge up the money to get them to the Dome for a few games this year.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You betcha.

        Have you heard anything about that Clinton guy down in Arkansas who looks to be angling for a presidential run? My take is that he’s a BS artist but a BS artist with a warm heart who might get us out of the Reagan – Bush ice age.


        1. He seems good but we will get healthcare reform when a black man is elected president.


        2. You’re probably right, but maybe some day his wife will stop a cartoonish charlatan demagogue from undoing it.

          Anyways if he does run and his campaign comes through Minneapolis I will definitly take the kids to see him.


  3. Recurring Headline:

    Astros Lose 2-1, Unable to Figure Out (your pitcher’s name here)

    And this Archer thing is getting serious. What are we going to do, Indy?


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